He divorced his wife and ended up marrying his mother-in-law

Se divorció de su esposa y terminó casándose con su suegra

Clive Blunden is a 65 year old man, which in 1985, He decided to put an end to his 8-year marriage to a woman named Irene. Incredibly, Clive managed to rebuild his life, nothing more and nothing less than Brenda, who was his mother-in-law.

Clive and Irene had a good relationship and even had 2 daughters, Sarah and Tanya; However, The flame of love went out and he found, 4 years later, in Irene’s mother the ideal companion to spend the rest of his days with her.

This is how this man and Brenda They started a relationship that to this day has been over 30 years old; However, not everything has been honey on flakes since a few years ago, the man was arrested for having proposed to his mother-in-law, which was considered “illegal.”

But there was a change in the rules in 2007 that allowed Clive and Brenda to marry, a decision they say they do not regret.

“People thought we would not last, but we are stronger than ever,” said Clive, also ensuring that he is with Brenda “24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there is some magic.”

For her part, Brenda, now 77 years old, said that her husband is a true gentleman and takes good care of her.

The only regrettable thing is that the relationship between mother and daughter was forever fractured. “I don’t know who my mom is anymore. Clive has divided our family. I will never forgive him, ”Irene said a few years ago.


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