He got married! Alejandro Fernández delivers his 22-year-old daughter Camila at the altar (VIDEO)

“Yo nunca había vivido con mi papá”: Camila, la hija de Alejandro Fernández, revela cómo ha sido pasar juntos la cuarentena

Excited and dressed as a charro, ‘El Potrillo’ accompanied his beautiful daughter to meet her now husband

Alejandro Fernández in concert with his daughter Camila.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

The Fernández family is celebrating Camila, daughter of “Foaly” arrived at the altar.

The 22-year-old married this afternoon in a parish in the City with Francisco Barba Casillas, with whom this Saturday he had 9 months of dating.

On your dad’s arm Alejandro Fernández, who he was happy and wore a gala charro suit, the also singer came to the altar of the church.

Few people attended the ceremonyof course most relatives of the couple and some friends very nearby.

The fiance, Francisco Barba, of 28 years and from a Charro family, he arrived at the parish on horseback.

Everyone at the event, except the bride, wore face masks as the main measure of sanitation due to the coronavirus contingency.

It is said that later it took place an intimate and meaningful reception to celebrate the union of the new spouses.

The news of their wedding surprised the dynasty headed by Chente, the icon of Mexican music, however, the young woman had already given signs of how in love and happy she felt with her partner, to whom she has always dedicated emotional messages through her social networks.

Camila Fernandez He is one of the five children that “El Potrillo” has, the product of his marriage to America Guinart, with whom he also fathered Alex “The Heir” and America, twin of Camila.

“El Potrillo” left the refuge on the beach where he was together with some of his children to be part of this special day.


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