“He is very tantrum and manipulative”: Vicente Fernández Jr.’s wife confirms the statements of Aylín Mujica

“Él es muy berrinchudo y manipulador”: Esposa de Vicente Fernández Jr. confirma las declaraciones de Aylín Mujica

Karina Ortegón revealed that Chente’s son harasses her, and strongly threatens her family

Vicente Jr. and Kary Ortegón

Photo: Daniel Garibay / Reform Agency

To silence mouths, even his own Vicente Fernandez Jr., Aylin Mujica spoke on television with Karina Ortegon, the still wife of Chente’s son, who recounted this Wednesday aloud, the ordeal that she lives for not being able to finalize her divorce.

“I am not divorced from Mr. Vicente Fernández Jr. because he keeps lengthening the trial. It is a lie that this pandemic has stopped. Nothing has stopped. It has been a demand for divorce in which she puts me every day obstacles, like more expenses, more amounts, absorb even the expenses of their own lawyers.

“And coming to the matter that both He has me with headaches, which is this clowning of what he asks “stated Ortegón during the interview conducted by the Cuban actress for the program Tell me what you know.

The businesswoman also assured that the older brother of “El Potrillo” harasses her and constantly threatens her family, although the type of intimidation is not specified.

“He is very tantrum, very manipulative. The divorce seems that he does not want to give it, it seems that what he wants is to be extended. In my case, and I do it openly, he harasses me, threatens my family and strongly.

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“It has not been easy because I am a mother of four children, and I am ashamed to hear a man say that he is quite a gentleman and that I took advantage of the so important last name that it carries and that I did not even carry it as it should be ”.

Last week Mujica said in the same television show that Vicente Fernández Jr. asked his still wife for maintenance of almost half a million pesos, information that the singer refuted.

This Wednesday, at the beginning of his talk with Ortegón on the Telemundo program, the Cuban actress defended herself against the accusations of Vicente Fernández Jr., who considered her a phony and opportunist.

“A few days ago I was the target of accusations, why he had given an unsubstantiated note (…) I am a very professional person, I would never dare to pass judgment or speak of something that I never base ”.

About your legal separation, the tapatío recently told MURAL that it was a necessary type of divorce, whose papers had not been released by the corresponding authorities due to the health contingency.

“The process is for necessary divorce. In March they had to give me my papers with the sentence already signed, it is the only thing that was missing, (but) due to the pandemic the courts are closed and that is why I do not have the papers in my hand ”.

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