He leaves his motorcycle at the workshop and they put it at 222 km / h | MOTORCYCLES

He leaves his motorcycle at the workshop and they put it at 222 km / h | MOTORCYCLES

David Redondo, owner of a BMW motorcycle, left his S 1000 RR at the official dealer of the brand Tormes Motor, in Salamanca, on September 6 for the resolution of a problem with the speed control. The vehicle had a GPS tracking and positioning system, that many motorists install to access their usage data, as well as locate it in case of theft.

The next day, the device sent you an alert to your mobile phone indicating that his sports bike was circulating on the A-50 highway. Specifically, a displacement of 37 kilometers, at an average speed of 82 km / h, but with a maximum speed of 222 km / h.

In this circumstance, the client contacted the workshop taking an interest in what happened. From the dealer, according to the vehicle owner’s statements. they only told him that the mechanic I had just returned from taking a test and they did not know what had happened.

With this lack of information, David Redondo began a claim process through the International Union for the Defense of Motorcyclists (IMU). As a first step, the IMU experts advised him report the incident to the Civil Guard, as an alleged crime against the article 379.1 of the Penal Code, which states that “anyone who drives a motor vehicle or moped will be punished by exceeding the speed allowed in 60 km / h on urban roads and 80 km / h on interurban roads. Penalties: imprisonment of three to six months or with a fine of six to twelve months or with carrying out work for the benefit of the community from 31 to 90 days ”.

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From IMU, for their part, they denounced for the same reason what happened both before the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) as before Attorney General for Road Safety, Bartolomé Vargas, based on the evidence your security department has had access to. The association considers that the workshop has carried out “a unauthorized use of the motorcycle to repair a breakdown “, in addition to demanding” the investigation of some alleged facts that endangered traffic safety and they may constitute a criminal offense, as indicated in a statement. “

He leaves his motorcycle at the workshop and they put it at 222 km / h | MOTORCYCLES
Detail of the notice that the owner of the motorcycle received from his GPS device.

Owner picked up the BMW from the dealership on the 15th, checking, both by the odometer and by the geolocation device, that since last September 6 the motorcycle had traveled 200 kilometers. A distance that, clearly, too much for routine checks of road operation by a mechanic and that has led the IMU to require a BMW Motorrad Spain the investigation of the facts and its clarification to avoid a repeat.

David Redondo, speaking to THE MOTOR, has expressed his surprise at what happened and the reasons that led him to initiate this procedure: “The most important thing for me is that it is clear that I have not circulated at that speed with the motorcycle. From there, I think at least I deserve an explanation and an apology on the part of the dealer, something that they have not offered me at any time, not even when I removed the vehicle from their facilities ”.

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THE MOTOR has tried to know the version of the facts from the Tormes Motor dealer, unsuccessful at the moment of the publication of this information.

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