He returns his broken Apple Watch and receives AirPods in compensation

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The story began in a very banal way. A retired Boston suburbanite named Son had bought an Apple Watch. The latter noticed after only four months of use that it no longer worked and that the battery did not hold a charge.

A problem which should, in normal times, be quickly resolved by the Apple teams, especially when we know that the product was protected by AppleCare +, the customer having subscribed to a two-year offer. But what was supposed to be a simple exchange ended up being a complete fiasco between Apple and Fedex, with the two companies passing the blame on to each other, while Son waited for his replacement Apple Watch.

A simple faulty Apple Watch and nothing works

As he explains to the Boston Globe, which relayed the case, Son had reached an agreement with Apple for a replacement watch to be sent to his home, a completely standard procedure for the Cupertino company, which had commissioned the company Fedex to make the delivery.

As required by Apple’s warranty terms, Son had to return his faulty watch within two weeks to avoid being charged. Once he had received the new watch, he packed up the old one and dropped it off at a FedEx center to be sent back to Apple.

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But nothing went as planned. Two months later, when Son thought the story was settled long ago, he received a bill for $328 from Apple, which therefore corresponded to the billing for the first watch. By trying to contact Fedex (for 1h30) he discovers that the package has been misplaced, and he files a complaint with Fedex.

Apple confesses guilt

After several exchanges with Apple and Fedex, the retiree finally discovers that his old watch has arrived in Apple’s warehouses, but that the Cupertino company has failed in its logistics. Realizing that Apple was in error, Son demanded to recover his 328 dollars, as well as a property of “compensation”.

After asking for an iPad Pro, Son finally gets away with AirPods, a consolation that seems to suit him, he who told the Boston Globe he’s happy for his situation, but hopes it will serve to improve relations between Apple and Fedex so that errors like this no longer occur.

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