He steals 21,000 euros from his girlfriend with Face ID

Face ID

Apple brand phones and devices are so popular that they often find themselves, despite themselves, at the heart of strange news stories.

This is for example the case of this, crazy, story, which happened in China, a few months ago already.

It all started last December. A young couple is having dinner together. So far a banal evening but the young woman will quickly fall stiff with fatigue. The reason ? Her ex-boyfriend, known as Huang, just made her ingest a very large amount of sleeping pills.

Once his concubine is asleep, the man will set up his scheme, carefully considered for several days. Thanks to his partner’s thumbprint, he will unlock his iPhone before using Face ID, and the face of the sleeping woman to open his banking application.

From there the man will be able to settle his debts, which amount to more than 150,000 yuan, or €21,000.

Gambling debts at the heart of the problem

Aged 28, the man at the heart of this case had accumulated numerous debts with various gaming establishments or online casino sites. He was obliged to repay and as the noose tightened more and more on him, he chose to put his companion to sleep so he could steal her in her sleep.

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Finally the young woman was contacted the next morning by her bank which had blocked the payment, the latter being far too unusual.

Once she realized this theft, she filed a complaint and an investigation was opened. Finally, it took months for the man to be recognized as the culprit by the investigators.

Three years in prison for theft by trickery

Today Huang was put on trial and he will spend the next three years of his life behind bars. This action nevertheless reminds us that the security offered by Apple with Face ID and Touch ID are not inviolable and that criminals are always looking for new methods, more sophisticated than the previous ones to achieve their end.

The best way to avoid this kind of mishap is therefore to be very careful about your data, password and devices.

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