He sued the girl with whom he had a date after meeting her online when she gave him herpes

Demanda a la chica con la cual tuvo una cita tras conocerla por Internet al contagiarlo de herpes

Now it demands the payment of more than $ 160,000 dollars in compensation.

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What must have been a pleasant encounter turned into a nightmare for Martin Conway, a 45-year-old British fitness trainer, who had his first date with a woman he met through a dating app and whom he is now suing for about $ 163,000 dollars, claiming she got cold sores.

Conway claims he was “traumatized” by contracting the herpes virus from the woman he met as Jovanna Lovelace and that his experience was very negative after being rushed to the hospital and suffering from panic attacks. However, the woman’s attorneys called Conway’s act “frivolous.”

The couple met in London in July of last year through the dating app Meetup. Conway says he became ill several days after that date and developed flu-like symptoms, with mouth ulcers.

“She had a moral, ethical and legal duty to warn me of the risks to which I would be exposed,” Conway said. And I add: “They kissed me before they reported any cold sores.” The woman, who is 30, is fighting the Central London County Court’s claim for compensation.

Conway acknowledges that he can no longer ride a bike, as he worries that the heat and stress will cause a flare-up. “The stigma and pain of having the virus also has psychological implications that are difficult to deal with,” he told The Sun.

Depression and psychological support

Conway says the relationship with the woman broke down after he contracted the virus. “I am devastated that this infection may jeopardize my ability to perform in both my current and future career. I have suffered from depression in the past and I fear that I will need regular psychological support to handle the additional psychological burden caused by the nature of the infection that I have been given.

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In addition, he assures that this situation made him “upset, angry and very confused.” “I wanted justice and that’s when I decided to take legal action against the defendant for the illness she caused me,” he says.

Conway now claims $ 171,000 in compensation. In addition, biweekly therapy sessions up to age 79.


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