he transforms his iBook G3 into a case for the iPad!


The content offered on TikTok is so varied that there are sometimes a few nuggets, such as the recent headed creation of the account of Billy Skipper Hughes. Already shared nearly ten thousand times on the platform, it consists of an armature ofiBook with subtle G3 processor to surround an iPad and insert it up to the stylus of the tablet.

Discontinued in the mid-2000s, the iBook series was a line oflaptop with a singular and colorful design in its infancy, which is also reminiscent of the colors of the latest all-in-one from Apple.

Several hours of work

To manage to transform his iBook in this way, Hughes has, among other things, cut the structure of the machine to leave a free space at the right size of his iPad. There is also attached a charger for his Apple Watch, for a rendering like a real workstation as it flourishes among third-party accessory sellers.

iPad iBook

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In order not to run out of battery, our handyman of the day also inserted a port USB-C in its installation, a sign that the tablet to be connected to it is quite recent since this connection is currently only offered on the iPad Air 4, the iPad mini 6 or the iPad Pro. Indeed, the most affordable edition, which is already in its ninth generation, retains the Lightning port.

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A 2002 iMac with M1 chip

In the same genre, we can also look at the case of this iMac G4 with performance boosted by one of the latest proprietary processors designed by Apple. An experience to be tested of course only knowingly, an error that could cost the proper functioning of the device having quickly occurred.

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