6 Healthy Soups from Around The World

6 Healthy Soups from Around The World

Soups are part of the culinary and universal tradition, they are warm, comforting, and a great nutritional ally. Meet the most famous variants around the world, they are delicious and made with extraordinary local ingredients

Soups are a great nutritional ally, they provide satiety, hydration, and improve the digestive process.

When we feel weak and sick or when temperatures drop and it’s cold, there is nothing more comforting for the body than a nice bowl of hot soup. Soups are part of older food of which there is a record, when man discovered fire, later it began to be consumed in the Mediterranean and then in the Middle Ages. The truth is that soups they were an indispensable food so that ancient civilizations survive the cold winter and long walks.

Soup consumption contributes to a varied diet since they are a dish that promotes the use of all the groups of nutrients that provide ingredients such as proteins, vegetables, sweet herbs, legumes, and cereals. They are a great ally to hydrate the body and are associated with great benefits in the digestive process, this is due to its ability to relax stomach muscles and also being easy to digest they are a good complement against indigestion and stomach pain.

In recent months as part of various health, wellness, and nutrition trends soups have become an important dish in detox and weight loss plans. This is due to their high nutritional value already his satiating power that helps you eat less. Not in vain Foundation of the Mediterranean Diet advice to increase the consumption of soups to 4 times a week, they are an economic food, which helps the body to recover some of the essential minerals that are lost with sweat, saliva, and urine and provide benefits at any stage of life.

All the culinary tradition that encompass soups has served as inspiration for various cultures around the world to give birth to magnificent recipes, which today are part of the most representative and iconic dishes in the gastronomy of each country. Learn about the most famous variants around the world and go ahead and prepare them at home, they are rich, nutritious, and most original.

Healthy Soups from Around the World

1. Avgolemono Soup, Greece

6 Healthy Soups from Around The World

This soup is probably one of the most popular greek recipes and without a doubt the most comforting in your kitchen. It is a delicious thickened chicken soup with eggs and rice, which has the peculiarity of preparing with lemon juice that fills it with nutritional benefits and great taste. The translation of the word Avgolemono is Lemon-egg and it is a traditional dish that is consumed in every household in Greece. It is of simple elaboration since it occupies few and accessible ingredients, it is very generous and warm which is definitely worth trying. Know the Avgolemono Soup recipe here.

2. Chicken Broth, Mexico

Healthy Soups from Around The World

Mexico is famous for its traditional homemade soups, which are part of the daily life of Mexican tables. Chicken broth probably one of the most representative and homely dishes from Mexico, it’s a nutritional treasure since it stands out for being made with a long list of delicious ingredients and with great medicinal properties as is the case with chicken bones shredded chicken abundant vegetables like carrot, celery, potato, chayote, coriander and on many occasions it is added some variant of chillun like jalapeño or chipotle, White rice and you can not miss ending with avocado slices. Know the Mexican chicken broth recipe here.

3. Feijoada, Brazil

Healthy Soups from Around The World

The feijoada is probably one of the more traditional meals throughout Brasil, it is considered a national dish and stands out for being made with basic ingredients, very cheap and unpretentious. Brazilian cuisine is popular for add meat in most of your preparations, is a thick soup made with black beans as a base and salted pork, they have usually added bacon, pork brisket, ribs, and some types of sausages like the chorizo ​​and sausage. In almost all the Brazilian territory usually sprinkled with cassava flour (cassava), is a food of what more complete, abundant, and very satisfying. Know the Brazilian Feijoada recipe here.

4. Caldo Verde, Portugal

6 Healthy Soups from Around The World

This incomparable broth has the peculiarity of being made with ingredients of local ancestry, its content in kale is probably one of the aspects that attract the most attention; It’s about super nutritious food, which is rarely added in soups and in this recipe is the key ingredient. It also contains mashed potatoes, garlic, and olive oil, which is usually flavored with chorizo ​​or local sausages and they use to accompany it with bread to make it more generous, It is very usual in the cold temperate. Know the Green broth recipe here.

5. Ribollita Soup, Italy

6 Healthy Soups from Around The World

Is about a soup of Tuscan origin which literally means recognized in Italian, it is a very humble dish like his main ingredients among which the use of local staples Like the cannellini beans, kale, chard, vegetables, legumes, and stale bread. Hearty and tasty, it is the perfect dinner during the cold winter months. Know the Soup Ribollita recipe here.

6. Ajiaco Criollo, Cuba

6 Healthy Soups from Around The World

Ajiaco is the name given to a series of typical soups of Latin America, the Cuban version is a rustic stew which is made with beef, chicken, pork, beef and ham, corn, pumpkin, white taro, yellow taro are added, yam, green and ripe bananas, cassava and sweet potato. It is seasoned with chili, onion, garlic, cumin, salt, and lemon. It is a generous dish very typical of the Cuban neighborhoods, it is customary to consume after a long day at work or as part of local festivities. Know the Ajiaco Criollo recipe here.

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