Helium will launch 5G miners that allow you to generate HNT while providing internet

Helium will launch 5G miners that allow you to generate HNT while providing internet

Helium is preparing to launch its new 5G network thanks to the partnership with Dish, an infrastructure provider for this type of network. The 5G nodes, according to tentative dates, could begin to be deployed by the end of 2022.

The news of the association was picked up by the portal of news Bloomberg, in which it was known that Dish would be in charge of providing the new 5G connection equipment for the Helium network. So far, it has more than 240 thousand nodes connected in the United States, Europe and Asia.

The Helium network makes it possible to offer internet connection through a decentralized network. The connection nodes, in this case, they work as miners and generate HNT (native cryptocurrency of the network) offering coverage and stability to it.

Currently Helium only allows small connections within what would be IoT (Internet of things), such as lamps, kitchens, or smart screens. With the expansion to the 5G network, it is expected that users can have an internet connection from their mobile phone.

It should be noted that in April of this year it was possible to know that Helium was already preparing its way to 5G, with the announcement of two hostpot (miners) in association with the company FreedomFi, with costs ranging between USD 1,000 and USD 5,000.

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Dish, for its part, would now be in charge of offering both 5G connection infrastructure and new devices, together with those of FreedomFi. The price and availability of the same in the sale to the public remains to be seen.

Helium will launch 5G miners that allow you to generate HNT while providing internet
Helium’s 5G hostpot in partnership with FreedomFi. Source: Blog Helium.

Since Helium is currently experiencing a rather complicated delay in the delivery of its old 4G miners, it remains to be seen the lead times that these new 5G devices will have.

Helium mining profitability

Helium mining varies greatly from traditional cryptocurrency mining, both in proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS), as this is about maintaining and scaling an internet connection network .

The miners are separated into 2 systems: the validators, which cover the network, and the transmission systems. data. Each one generates different returns, which vary depending on the geographic location.

Nodes installed in New York City, in the United States, which have a large number of users, can generate more than USD 1,000 per month according to data from the Helium portal. In a report made by CriptoNoticias, it was learned that, in some areas of Spain, citizens generated more than USD 400 per month with your Helium nodes.

In the case of Latin America, the situation is very different, since, due to the low mass of connected nodes, and this being a critical point in HNT mining in Helium, the activity is very unprofitable. In cities like Medellín, in Colombia, which have a small number of connected nodes, the profitability reaches about USD 20 per month.

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