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Apple watchOS 9

While the WWDC launch conference took the time to talk about iPhones and their brand new operating system, iOS 16, Apple also took advantage of the attention that was being brought to the Cupertino company to present WatchOS 9 The all-new operating system for the Apple Watch connected watch from Apple will therefore arrive at the start of the school year, at the same time as iOS 16.

The Apple brand has announced three areas of work for this major update. The first of these concerns the way the connected watch from Apple reacts and interacts with other devices. In this section, Apple explained in particular that the update would allow the Apple Watch to use the Podcats application or a brand new version of Siri.

Apple Watch and sport: a lasting story

But the reason we buy an Apple Watch lies elsewhere. Physical activity is also a possible answer. The latter had the right to a major improvement. Indeed, Apple began by announcing that the data used during the “Workouts” application would be more in-depth.

Three new data will make their arrival during a running session, it is about the vertical oscillation, the length of the stride as well as the duration of the contact with the ground. Data used by professional athletes to increase their performance.

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Apple wants to help you count sheep

Last point raised by Apple regarding its connected watch: health. Used as a real detector by many people, the capabilities of the Apple watch are even more refined. The “sleep” application will thus be entitled to several new features, the most interesting being the arrival of the reading of the “stages” of sleep. Apple thus divides your nights into 4 parts, the one where you have a sleep, light, paradoxical or deep, and the times when you are awake.

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