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The year 2022 could mark the arrival of a new model within the MacBook Air range. Last updated in 2020 with the arrival of the M1 chip within Apple’s laptop, there could be something new in the coming months.

If for the moment no one is sure of the future of the range, the rumors are quite unanimous regarding the MacBook Air of 2022. The latter should be entitled to a major overhaul. Like the latest MacBook Pro, equipped with the M1 Pro and M1 max chip, the screen design could change a lot with the arrival of a notch on the next MacBook Air.

Regarding the screen itself, opinions are more divided. If Ross Young and Ming Chi-Kuo, two recognized analysts of the Apple brand, had first thought of using miniLED, but they have turned their jackets over the past few months, advocating continuity and an LCD screen instead.

MagSafe charger and Thunderbolt ports… but nothing more?

Another very important point for consumers is connectivity. While Apple has been pushing hard on the recent MacBook Pro (2021) and first-ever Mac Studio (2022), experts are less optimistic about the next MacBook Air. The latter should only have the right to two Thunderbolt ports, one on each side.

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If the connection were to remain the weak point of this computer, potential Apple customers can be reassured, the Apple brand intends to bring back the MagSafe charger, which has also made its return on the latest MacBook Pro. This would allow Apple to satisfy some of its customers, unhappy with the change to USB-C, but also to make a big difference between this MacBook Pro and its predecessor.

Will the M2 chip finally arrive?

But the big change everyone is waiting for on this new computer is the arrival of the M2 chip. After the surprising M1, two years ago Apple announced that there would be no more products with an M1 chip (or a derivative), so everyone expects a MacBook Air with an M2 chip overpowered.

According to rumors this chip would be more powerful than the classic version of M1, but not at the level of an M1 Pro or M1 Max, which is quite logical, Apple is not going to release a MacBook Air more powerful than the last MacBook Pro, still present for sale on the Apple online store.

Apple MacBook Air Retina 128 GB

Apple MacBook Air Retina 128 GB

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