Here’s why the 2022 iPhone SE is still an “affordable” iPhone

iPhone SE 2022 tenu dans une main

During the presentation of the iPhone SE 2022, Apple did not announce only good news. Indeed, the new affordable iPhone has a slightly higher price than its predecessor.

The base iPhone SE 2020 model (with 64GB of storage) cost $399 in the US when it launched. The price of an iPhone SE 2022 with 64 GB of storage is $429.

Inflation went through it

But as the American media CNBC tries to make clear in an article published a few days ago, this increase is normal, given inflation. Using a calculator, he also explains that the iPhone SE 2022 is still much cheaper than the first iPhone, that of 2007, if we take this inflation into account.

At launch, the original iPhone cost $499 in the US (for the 4GB model). However, according to the inflation calculator of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (the equivalent of INSEE), this would be equivalent to 673 dollars today. And a 2007 iPhone with 8GB of memory, which cost $599 when it launched, would cost $807 today. Or more or less the price of an iPhone 13 Pro in the USA.

By the way, according to this same calculator, $399 (the price of iPhone SE 2020) in March 2020 has the same purchasing power as $438 in February 2022. In other words, the price has no really increased (it would even have decreased), if we adjust for inflation.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Inflation Calculator

© Bureau of Labor Statistics

As a reminder, in France, the price of the iPhone SE with 64 GB of storage has gone from 489 euros for the 2020 model, to 529 euros for the 2022 model.

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An iPhone 13 chip in the body of an iPhone 8

At this price, we have an iPhone with the same design as the iPhone 8, and no major evolution in terms of the screen or the camera. In contrast, the iPhone SE 2022 is as efficient what’iPhone 13since it uses the same A15 Bionic chip and has more RAM memory.

Photography performance is also improved thanks to this chip, despite the fact that the iPhone SE 2022 has only one sensor on the back. And finally, we also have more autonomy thanks to the energy efficiency of the A15 chip.

In essence, despite these price increases in Europe and the United States, the iPhone SE 2022 is still a good deal, especially for those who want to buy a new iPhone but without breaking the bank (or compromising on performance).

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