Hierro: “I see Real Madrid very strong for the Champions League”

Fernando Hierro, el periodista Roberto Gómez y Vicente del Bosque en la entrega de premios del VI Torneo de Fútbol Cadete Vicente del Bosque Villa de Alalpardo.

The awards ceremony for the VI Vicente del Bosque-Villa de Alalpardo Cadet Football Tournament brought together, as winners or guests, several illustrious former Real Madrid players. Fernando Hierro and Bernd Schuster took the stage as winners and José Antonio Camacho did so to present his award to the German. The three took the League for granted for Real Madrid and spoke about the options for Ancelotti’s team in the Champions League.

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

“The League? That’s it. The Champions League is a competition… I see Real Madrid very strong, but with a double leg in the semifinals… Hopefully it will be a Spanish final. I think the rest that the Madrid players can have between matches in the Champions League could come in handy”, analyzed Fernando Hierroof whom Vicente del Bosque, godfather of the tournament, praised the work he carried out during his time as sports director of the Federation.

Camacho and Schuster joked with the league title: “Difficult”, the two agreed with irony. Cieza’s expressed his desire: “There are four teams in the Champions League, two Spanish, and I hope that both of them are in the final and Madrid win it”. The German, on the other hand, did not get wet: “Anyone who is there has a chance.” Both, who shared dressing rooms in Madrid, remembered when they had to face each other as rivals. “You couldn’t get past Camacho’s band,” said Schuster. “It was better to have Bernd on your team. You had to be respected against it,” Camacho replied..

Athletic Shield/Flag

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Madrid has four points left to win the League and the question is already knowing when the championship will be mathematically resolved. If the whites and Barça meet their commitments until then, the alirón could happen in the derby against Atlético on May 8. A circumstance referred to by the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, self-confessed Atletico follower. “Madrid is going to win the League, that is unquestionable and we will receive them at Cibeles with all honours, but if it could be somewhere other than the Wanda Metropolitano, as an Atlético player I would prefer it”said the mayor of the capital.

Atletico president Enrique Cerezo, spoke of the moment of his team. “We’re going to accomplish one of our goals, which is to finish in the top three,” he said. The president also referred to the Champions League quarter-final elimination against City: “We played a regular game and a very good one in which we didn’t manage to score, he lamented”. Regarding the audios of the conversations between Rubiales and Piqué about the Super Cup published this week, he insisted that “if we are four teams there must be a comparable distribution among the four. I am glad that they have said what has been charged so that when we return to go ask for the same prizes”.

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