Hiking in the Binn Valley

Hiking in the Binn Valley

A last small climb and finally, we are there. The magnificent lake of Geisspfadsee spreads out at our feet.

As we begin to look for a place to put the tent, we come face to face on a park sign… on which we cannot miss the acronym and its text formally informing us of the ban on bivouacs in the park.

What ? How ?

I am amazed! Knowing the particular and rather restrictive rules of the bivouac in Switzerland, I had however taken good care to inform me to avoid this kind of situation. I don’t understand how I could have overlooked this information. I suddenly understand why we didn’t meet many people on the trail…

We do not even have time to think that the dreaded downpour falls on us all of a sudden on the corner of the mouth. Having no place to shelter us, we do the only thing possible at this moment: set up the tent and take refuge there until the downpour passes.

It’s 7 p.m., we’re soaked to the skin, freezing despite our gloves and our hats and the downpour isn’t abating. Aware of our recklessness and the bivouac ban, we consider that it is however safer for us to stay and sleep here, rather than trying to reach a refuge or a campsite in the valley.

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