His AirPods and Siri saved his life

Comparatif AirPods 2 vs AirPods 3

Susan Putman, a 60-year-old floral designer, was literally saved by her AirPods and Siri. It all starts in her studio, where she is used to listening to music with Apple wireless headphones.

She then explains: I was working on a four foot horseshoe wreath, I pulled back to look at it and forgot its box was on the floor. I had to be focused on not breaking the crown because I tripped and flew maybe 2.5 meters in the air and my head landed against some metal poles. »

Siri has already helped other accident victims in the past

Shortly after, the creator realizes that this incident is very serious and that she is losing a lot of blood. She then has the reflex to address Siri ” Hey Siri (Dis Siri in French Ndlr), call 911 “. Some time later, the police arrived in the company of the paramedics.

Susan Putman clarifies: Honestly, if it had gone on for 15 more minutes, I’m not sure I’d be here. There’s no doubt about it – if I hadn’t had my AirPods, I would have died “. Afterwards, paramedics were able to quickly treat her for her concussion, and she escaped unscathed.

This story, which ends very well, reminds us of the many times the Apple Watch has saved lives. We can also mention this car accident where an American student, who ended up in a river, got out of it thanks to the voice assistant Siri of her iPhone.

Apple AirPods 2 with wireless charging

Apple AirPods 2 with wireless charging

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