His Apple Watch saves his life and leads to the detection of cancer

detection de chutes de l'Apple Watch

disney and Apple have known each other for a long time: already in 2005, the studio was invited to iTunes to broadcast the podcasts of its subsidiary ABC News. A company that also depends on an online newspaper covering the Tampa Bay area, which this week reports an accident in the coastal city of Saint Petersburg in Florida.

Indeed, a seventy-one-year-old woman who had fallen saw her Apple Watch call 911 directly, emergency number in the United States. Then transported to the hospital, the victim underwent examinations showing that cancer was developing in his lungs. A real surprise for the septuagenarian, who had not suspected it before.

A well-hidden setting

In fact, the owner of the connected watch was not even aware that such a “radar” was permanently active. But it’s a default setting for all people over the age of fifty-five. This is capable of alerting the emergency services independently when the owner does not react after a violent shock, measured in particular thanks to the accelerometer and the gyroscope integrated into the case.

To enable fall detection:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  2. Touch My watch
  3. Choose Emergency call
  4. Activate Fall detection
  5. Set the option to Always On or in Only during exercises.

It is important to configure this menu correctly, so as to reduce sending false positives. Health professionals have indeed assured that errors are not uncommon, which can then potentially cause slowdowns in the handling of alerts.

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The Watch recognizes many incidents

Fall detection is not the only advantage of the Apple Watch to protect you: indeed, the watch can also detect cardiac anomalies. And when she does not warn of too high decibels, she also knows monitor respiratory rate during sleep. It is therefore a real ally for daily health, but which would still have difficulty communicating its data to doctors.

To equip yourself with a Series 7, count 429 euros at a minimum, for the aluminum edition.

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