His collection of old Macs fills the room

collection Mac

Jeremy’s Retro Bar is a YouTube channel specializing in vintage computers, with just over a thousand subscribers. Its host regularly presents old machines, modified or not, some of which were sold by Apple several decades ago. But the last video is a bit special and focuses on all of its headed devices.

To highlight them, the designer has prepared a dozen illuminated shelves with a iMac G3 on each of them. An installation which will have cost him less than one hundred euros, without losing its splendor. The MacPaw Museum in Ukraine had better watch out …

Macintoshes from the last century

On a table also made by hand with wood, Jeremy has arranged many other models which immediately make one think of Apple Store and their fairly similar provisions. This presentation can also be found at the very heart of the Cupertino head office, as recent photos taken on site by the American magazine have shown. Wallpaper.

Light bulbs have also been installed just above the Macs, for an atmosphere even closer to a real store decorated by a professional.

It is unfortunately not possible to visit this collection, it being stored at the home of its owner.

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