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Apple conducts many health studies. One of them, the results of which were recently published, looked at the ability of the watch to detect various cardiac pathologies. Because the Apple Watch is able to follow the regularity of the heartbeat precisely thanks to an electrocardiogram, since the Series 4 model. This allows the user to be alerted in the event of an irregular heartbeat that could be a sign of a heart condition called atrial fibrillation, which can be fatal if not treated.

But the new study has shown that the Apple Watch is capable of do better than a medical ECG patch. Indeed, in comparison with participants with ECG patch and participants with Apple Watch, scientists realized that, in cases where the ECG patch did not detect atrial fibrillation, it could happen that the watch detected a pulse. irregular, which then led to the detection of an underlying pathology, ventricular arrhythmia or atrial arrhythmia, in 40% of cases.

In 60% of cases, the irregular heartbeat detected by Apple Watch did not have an organic cause.

Cardiac disorders and in particular atrial fibrillation, affect 1% of the French population, with a much higher prevalence in people of more than 80% (source: foundation for medical research). In addition, according to the Health Insurance, atrial fibrillation causes 20 to 30% of strokes in France.

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If the Apple Watch can be of great concern in the event of false positives, it is significantly capable, according to this new study, of easily detecting, at home and without complex medical equipment, several potentially fatal cardiac pathologies.

In addition, the next generations of the watch should allow new advances in health. Indeed, if the last iteration of the watch, Series 7, still unavailable to this day, does not bring big changes compared to the Series, the Series 8 expected for 2022 could integrate one of these three new sensors : body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, as seen there.

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