His iPhone falls from the plane but it still works


Surrounded by aluminum except for the Pro models and their stainless steel, the iPhone can quickly be damaged in the event of a violent fall, this material being relatively friable. But that was without counting on a recent video from the YouTube channel VASAviation, who yesterday shared the audio recording of an exchange between a pilot and the control tower of an airport about a mobile that fell on the runway, just before takeoff, nearly ninety kilometers per hour…

You understood it: the device was therefore finally found by ground crews, and it seems to work perfectly. What’s more, without a hitch. A feat, so much so that even airport employees cannot believe it. We do not know the model in question, however, or if it was equipped with a protective shell. Remember, however, that this kind of accessory is almost essential if you want to avoid possible damage related to a shock.

Several such accidents

This is actually not the first time such an event has made the headlines, far from it. Small passenger planes (which do not fly very high) are indeed often equipped with a small hatch on the side of the pilot’s window, which the latter can open to take in a breath of fresh air or simply carry out a shot with his smartphone without undergoing a potential reflection. Logically, it therefore happens that turbulence causes the situation to slip.

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About two years ago, we reported the case of this Icelandic aircraft from which an iPhone 6s had escaped… finally found more than a year later in the wild by walkers. Better: in September, it was three kilometers that an iPhone X had survived what was akin to a fatal jump. To believe that Apple laptops are ultimately real war machines, if we forget that they can sometimes land on foam and that other dozen devices may not have had the same luck, their owners, less proud, not sharing their mishap online.

Is iPhone 13 rugged?

With its 173 grams, the iPhone 13 may seem fallible. It is however protected with Ceramic Shield glass (Apple’s trade name for Gorilla Glass technology from Corning), and is water and dust resistant with an IP68 certification. The manufacturer also specifies that the product can operate without problem between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius, and that it has been tested up to 3000 meters above sea level.

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