His iPhone saves his life by stopping a bullet in Ukraine

iPhone 13 Pro

In Ukraine, the Russia continues its offensive to try to annex more regions so that the conflict is still raging several months after it began. On the spot, there are many soldiers from civil society, some of whom have kept their habits by always taking their mobile with them. Sometimes this can lead to being geotagged, other times to saving lives.

Indeed, a short video shared on social networks allows us to see what seems to be a iPhone 13 Pro color starlight but with a gaping hole in the back. The impact would be due to a Russian bullet targeting a Ukrainian who was carrying the mobile in his equipment, the device having therefore in theory allowed him not to be hit by the projectile.

A resistance to any test?

As can also be seen, the glass is, however, so broken that it seems impossible to continue using the iPhone without risking cutting yourself. On the side of the screen, the same scenario: the slab is cracked and the touch functionalities are probably out of order.

As Apple specifies in its official documentation, the iPhone 13 and its versions are protected by a cover Ceramic Shield. Regularly put forward by the firm at the apple, it makes it possible to withstand scratches but also violent shocks. In fact, the technology behind this feat is glass Gorilla Glass Victus from the American manufacturer Corning. The subcontractor has been working with Apple and many other companies like Samsung for several years, for the European market and the rest of the world.

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phone warrior

With this, the iPhone 13 Pro is also able to withstand water immersion up to six meters deep for thirty minutes. Around the hull is additionally arranged thestainless steelsurgical” (again according to Apple’s vocabulary), which bends less easily than the aluminum of iPads, MacBook Pros or the classic iPhone 13.

If iPhone 13s are preferred in combat zones, it may also be because they are often considered safer in terms of privacy. However, in the era of cybercrime, the issue of big data is crucial for the various armies.

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