His iPhone stays 10 months in a river, it still works

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He just couldn’t believe it. After losing his iPhone in a river for nearly 10 months, this Briton was able to recover it, and even more surprisingly: it was still working.

The BBC reports the misadventures of Owain Davies, this Englishman who lost his iPhone in the River Wye in Gloucestershire in August 2021. The latter was then canoeing on the occasion of a bachelor party.

Drying work that paid off

This month, while also canoeing on this river, a man named Miguel Pacheco managed to find this device. He then took it home, dried it and posted the images online in order to find its owner.

Our colleagues report that he used an air compressor to dry the phone before placing it in a ventilation cabinet. When he plugged it back in, he then saw a photo of a man and a woman and the date of August 13 appear: the day Owain Davies lost his iPhone.

His post received 4,000 shares on Facebook, which allowed friends of the owner to recognize his smartphone and notify him. The device was returned to him in working order. Of course, Owain Davies warmly thanked Miguel Pacheco: “ My natural reaction would have been to hand it over to the nearest pub. It wouldn’t be to use my air compressor to dry it out and take it apart. »

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In theory, iPhones don’t last that long underwater, but we’ve had other similar testimonials in the past, which is ultimately great news for users.

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