Holiday village stays in July: 5 reasons to indulge yourself

sejours villages vacances juillet 2021

Until now, I had never been tempted by a stay in a holiday village. But, after a year of confinement and a summer with limited prospects, I’m giving it serious thought. Especially since the conditions have never been so advantageous to enjoy the holiday villages: refund without justification (cancellation up to 5 days before arrival), significant discounts, absence of foreign customers (therefore fewer people on site), coupons, etc.

In addition, this type of vacation only concerns a limited number of French people since for their 2021 summer vacation, according to an Opinion Way survey for Amivac:

– 45% to favor stays with friends or family
– 14% to opt for a hotel or accommodation with relatives
– 11% to choose a gîte or a campsite
– 9% to go to their second home
– 4% to choose a trip in a van or motorhome
– and 6% to opt for a stay in a holiday village

In terms of destinations, the sea is the most popular (51%), followed by the countryside (26%), the mountains (21%), the lakes and the city (11% each).

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5 reasons to be tempted by a stay in a holiday village in July

Club Borgo “Pineto”, near Bastia

1. Time for yourself

This is THE main argument for which I could book a stay in July in vacation villages: having time for myself, to relax, without having to take care of anything. By opting for half board or full board, no more meals to prepare, no more shopping to do: a great deal, after having spent the last twelve months going back and forth between my kitchen and the supermarket.

2. Not having to take care of your children

This is THE main argument for which couples with children might want to go to a holiday village: not having to take care of your children (aged 3 to 17) during the day. Villages with children’s clubs offer a whole host of activities to keep the offspring busy while parents pamper themselves in the sun or in their bed: sports, artistic activities, initiation to sailing, etc. After a year of confinement, it can do a lot of good for both.

3. Not having to take care of your baby all the time

Corollary of the previous point: some holiday villages, such as the Borgo Club “Pineto” (€ 378 per adults with half board or full board for a stay from July 3 to 10), offer special “family with baby” or “Poussin club” packages to take special care of children. children from 3 months to 35 months. For those who can shake off the guilt of not looking after your baby all the time (and you have to know how to let go!), It can do a lot, a lot of good to entrust your baby to someone else. during the day, while we take time for ourselves, to rest, to recharge our batteries.

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4. Meet people

After twelve months of social life reduced to the essentials, a stay in a holiday village can be an opportunity to meet new people, coming from completely different backgrounds, for both adults and children. Personally, I have suffered from having very few opportunities this year to open up to other profiles, other paths, other ways of thinking than those to which I am used. The confinement was also a form of withdrawal that I didn’t really like; so, failing to be able to travel and meet people from all over the world, the prospect of being able to meet people from all over France appeals to me.

5. Discover the most beautiful places in France without worrying too much

holiday village stays july 2021 verdon Montpezat Club Le Verdon

The Montpezat Club Le Verdon, which overlooks the PNR du Verdon

Another advantage of holiday villages is that they are always located in places with strong tourist potential: a paradisiacal beach, a preserved natural environment, one of the most beautiful villages in France, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, etc. As such, it is probably the PACA region which offers the largest number of holiday villages located in paradisiacal places.

And those who don’t really want to force themselves to move can take advantage of a whole host of infrastructures within walking distance (gym, swimming pool, solarium, bar, etc.) or activities organized for the day ( excursions, courses, coach, thalassotherapy, etc.).

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Holiday village stays in July: 5 reasons to indulge yourself

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