LifeStyle 7 Home Remedies To Avoid Vaginal Odor

7 Home Remedies To Avoid Vaginal Odor


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The vaginal odor is a sign of poor intimate hygiene, which is uncomfortable for women and their partners. This problem, despite everything, is susceptible to be solved with the home remedies to avoid vaginal odor like the following 7 that we are going to present here.

Home Remedies To Avoid Vaginal Odor

1. Water

According to an article in the Better Health portal, abundant water consumption can help to eradicate vaginal odor. It is possible that there is a relationship between water and pH, the imbalance of which promotes a bad smell in the intimate area.

2. Hygienic sexual relations

Vaginal odor can be caused by an infection, and since it is possible to contract it through sex, it is important that we bathe immediately after having sex.

3. Vitamin C

Foods rich in vitamin C influence the pH of the body, so they can intervene in the vaginal flora and restore it.

4. Change of sanitary napkins/tampons

Frequently change sanitary napkins or tampons during menstruation will contribute positively to your fight against vaginal odor simply because that will maintain proper hygiene in the area.

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5. Avoid douches

As curious as it may be, douches are detrimental to the health of your intimate area, which is why a normal bath is a more favorable option.

6. Neutral soap

Perfumed soaps destabilize your vaginal flora, the reason why you should use it to wash the external part, avoiding soaping the internal part.

7. Don’t wax your pubic hair

Do not depilate your pubic hair frequently because it leaves you more vulnerable to infections, although it is not desirable that you leave it too long.

You should integrate these habits into your daily life and make us a habit in your personal hygiene so that you eradicate the bad vaginal odor as soon as possible so that there is no lack in your health.

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