Health Wellness 5 Home Remedies To Fight Coronavirus

5 Home Remedies To Fight Coronavirus


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The coronavirus surprised the entire world just a few months ago, and the magnitude of the infections was so great that it declared a pandemic.

So far there is no vaccine to protect us, but nevertheless, many people have tried some home remedies that can help strengthen the immune system. Next, we tell you what they are.

This remedy arises in Indonesia, a place where many prepare it by mixing ginger, turmeric, tamarind, and sugar, and then boil them with water. This drink should be ingested when it is warm or cold and, according to those who have tried it, it helps to combat the flu condition and lower blood pressure.

This remedy arises in Bolivia, after the rapid advance of the virus in that country. Coca leaf is consumed many years ago there and in Argentina, but now the Bolivian Senate has approved a motion to try it as a natural remedy.

The World Health Organization ensures that this ingredient has properties capable of attacking bacteria, which is why many people began consuming it to fight the coronavirus. Although the idea is to consume it raw, there are currently some therapies that are performed with garlic and help patients who have previous illnesses and therefore are the main risk group for COVID-19.

There is no doubt about the enormous amount of benefits that vitamin C has for our body and the most important is that it eliminates toxins. Therefore, its consumption in food or capsules that are available in pharmacies is highly encouraged by some groups of people who claim that it helps to strengthen the body against the possible entry of the coronavirus.

While these options do not serve to kill the virus that is already in the body, they are very effective at removing traces of clothing or other surfaces. That is why it is recommended to spray the floor, car, and other elements in common use (in addition to the hands) to eliminate germs, bacteria, and that fearsome virus.

Although these options are harmless to the body, the truth is that they only help to strengthen the barriers against the coronavirus, which means that they do not represent a cure. So it is very important that you ask for help if you feel any symptoms compatible with the virus and isolate yourself to avoid contagion.

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