Honda ADV350: The successful Honda X-ADV is now even more affordable | Motorcycles

Honda ADV350: The successful Honda X-ADV is now even more affordable | Motorcycles

In a market dominated by scooters 125cc, the Honda X-ADV, a peculiar model that combines that style with an image and capacity somewhat more jacket, sneaks from time to time in the classification of the best-selling motorcycles. It is logical, therefore, that Honda has decided to launch a lower displacement access version that has the wilts to become a best seller, the Honda ADV350.

The scooter loses the ‘X’ in its name, something that reflects its slightly more urban character, which in turn can be seen in its design, somewhat more restrained than that of its older brother, but with the same marked features and a robust image reinforced by the sculpted lower plastic protections.

With a wheelbase of 1.52 meters, a seat located 79.5 centimeters from the ground and a curb weight of 186 kilos, it seeks to be an affordable model for an even wider audience than that of the X-ADV.

It features a relaxed riding position, with a 47-millimeter front fork that travels 125 millimeters (the rear 130 millimeters). The front wheel is 15 inches and the rear 14, and the brake system uses a 256-millimeter front disc and a 240-millimeter rear disc, and has ABS.

The low consumption of the Honda scooter

The Honda ADV350 engine it’s a block 330cc Smart Power + that develops a power of 29 hp (21.5 kW) and a maximum torque of 31.5 Nm, figures that should allow it to function reliably both in the city and on the open road.

Sling also highlights his low consumption and efficiencyas it travels 29.4 kilometers per liter. This figure, added to the capacity of 11.7 liters of its tank, allows you to travel up to 340 kilometers before having to refuel.

With regard to equipment, the Honda ADV350 It has a double LED headlight, four-position adjustable windshield, LCD instrument panel and voice control to manage calls and music on the mobile. It also includes a USB charging socket in the left glove compartment and a 48-liter hole under the seat with capacity for two full face helmets.

In addition, the brand with the golden wing has already announced a series of accessories available for the model including 50-liter rear trunk, rear luggage rack, inner bags, heated grips, cover and U-shaped lock.

Honda ADV350

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