Honda CB 500: superior performance and comfort on the road | Motorcycles

Honda CB 500: superior performance and comfort on the road | Motorcycles

The news Honda CB 500 They will arrive at dealerships in December with superior performance and performance. The three models of the family (F, R and X), with estimated prices of between 6,500 and 7,000 euros, improve, above all, the suspensions and the efficiency of the brakes. All three stay in 47 HP of power, the limit to be able to drive them with the A2 license, but they would admit even 20 more CV and their behavior would still be excellent.

The full range was tested on the iconic and spectacular Scottish Route North Coast 500, almost circular and about 805 kilometers (500 miles) long. A landmark ride for British motorcyclists. Starting from the city of Inverness, from the first bars of the march, the improvements incorporated into the front end of the range were clearly noticeable Honda CB 500.

The suspension it is completely new in all three models. The F and R share a new Showa inverted telescopic fork, with bars of 41 millimeters in diameter and 120 millimeters of travel. And in the brakes there is also a huge qualitative advance, since they now incorporate a double lobed front disc (they are cooled better than the traditional ones) of 296 millimeters in diameter, bitten by Nissin calipers with four pistons and radial anchorage that work very; they are powerful and at the same time provide excellent modulation and feel under each braking. During 294 kilometers of winding and narrow roads, but with good asphalt, the performance of the Honda CB 500 F was outstanding before the arrival at the fishing village of Tongue.

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The second day of the route, on the back of the Honda CB 500 R, was a meandering journey through the Scottish Highlands to Gairloch, between valleys, mountains and lakes. Aesthetically, the Honda CBR 500 R has improved its appearance, with some sharper lines and discreet lower aerodynamic appendages that enhance its sporty appearance. Its fairing protects from the wind better than expected.

The cycling part is the same as that of the F, with lighter tires than those of the previous model. The swingarm also weighs a kilo less and also offers greater lateral flexibility (18% more) so that it adapts better to the unevenness of the terrain at full incline, without losing its good poise in a straight line when the throttle is fully opened.

Honda CB 500
Honda CB 500 F.

As in the F, the seat of the Honda CB 500 R is 785 millimeters from the ground and the footpegs are in the same position, but the handlebar is 64 millimeters lower and 51 millimeters further forward. The posture carries more weight on the front train And the bike transmits very well what happens on the front wheel, but it is not forced or radical. Its handling is very good (without reaching the level of the F, with the wider and higher handlebars) and its stability and precision are fully convincing. It brakes very well and transmits confidence, so it is a very friendly sports car.

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On the other hand, the power is the same in all three models, but in the R the electronic map is different, with a little more joy to climb laps at the end of the scale, although the differences are hardly noticeable.

The Honda CB 500 X is the most different of the three sisters, and so it was appreciated on the third day of the trip, about 257 kilometers from Gairloch to Inverness bordering Loch Ness. The seat is higher (830 millimeters from the ground), the handlebars are also higher and closer to the rider, and the footrests are slightly lower and more forward, allowing you to ride more naturally while standing on them.

Honda CB 500 X
Honda CB 500 X.

The front rim is 19 inches, which gives you better off-road skills and the suspensions have more travel. The front fork is also an inverted Showa with 41-millimeter diameter stanchions, but with 150 millimeters of travel. The brakes have the same 296-millimeter lobed discs as their sisters, but the calipers are Nissin with only two pistons and non-radial axial anchoring, more suitable for the tourist or adventure use that this model can boast.

Due to its height and its driving position, it allows you to do many kilometers without fatigue. Its behavior in areas that are tacked at high rates is not up to that of its sisters, but it is superior if the road surface is broken or quite curly. The Honda CB 500 X is the most comfortable of the family, the one that best protects and the one that best accepts passengers and luggage.

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