Honda Forza 750: a maxi scooter with great punch | Motorcycles

Honda Forza 750: a maxi scooter with great punch | Motorcycles

The Honda Forza level up thanks to its new 750 version, which includes a more powerful engine and provides almost sporty performance. It is derived from the innovative X ADV 750, a more country model, halfway between a motorcycle and a scooter, which has introduced the SUV concept to the world of two wheels.

And from this, the Honda Forza 750 inherits a advanced technology and big dynamic qualities. But it is dressed in a more elegant, urban and functional suit (aerodynamic efficiency, protection against stains …) to be able to fulfill as a regular vehicle for a wider variety of customers.

Is one of the most powerful maxi scooters of the market, and has a price of 11,350 euros. It competes with similar models such as the Yamaha TMax, BMW C and Kymco AK.

Honda’s new scooter works well everywhere. In the city it handles itself with ease, on mountain roads it surprises with its sportiness and, on the motorway, it stands out for its mechanical smoothness and ride comfort. At the controls the first thing that is appreciated is the high quality of the whole set. And highlights the living space, with large platforms for the feet, a handlebar well positioned in front of the driver and a seat that, although narrow, is comfortable and low in height (790 millimeters).

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He motor is the same 745cc twin-cylinder of the X-ADV, but raises power slightly to 58.6 hp, 5% more, although it is also available in a limited version of 48 CV for drivers with an A2 license.

The technology includes highly advanced electronics with three driving modes (Rain, Standart and Sport), and a traction control to prevent the rear wheel from skidding, which can also be adjusted in three actuation levels. And to drive it, you can choose two ways to change gears, automatic or manual by means of a lever on the handlebar, thanks to a DCT dual-clutch gearbox, six-speed, and similar to that of some cars.

The Honda Forza 750 gets some brilliant, almost sporty performance, for its power and weight (235 kilos in running order). But thanks to its electronics and efficient gear shifting that takes advantage of all available horses, accelerations are powerful and can exceed 180 km / h. The brakes stand out for their efficiency and the wheels, the same size as those of a motorcycle (17 inches in front and 15 in rear), give it a impeccable poise and cornering stability.

In technology it also stands out and includes details such as hands free key that you do not have to take out of your pocket to start, and a system called Smartphone Voice Control that replicates the functions of the telephone and that can be linked with the intercoms integrated in the helmet to operate them by voice.

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Honda Forza 750: a maxi scooter with great punch | Motorcycles

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