Honda NT1100, the road sister of the Africa Twin | Motorcycles

Honda NT1100, the road sister of the Africa Twin | Motorcycles

The great trails have conquered the terrain of motorcycles more roads. Even without the slightest intention of leaving the asphalt, many motorists opt for the models of adventurous style encouraged by its aesthetics and versatility. Sling, However, keep betting on the more traditional concept of an authentic devourer of kilometers and this is how he presents the unpublished NT1100.

The Japanese brand itself argues that “many users do not necessarily seek the image and dimensions of an adventure motorcycle ”. And for them he has created the NT1100, which shares the mechanical base with the Africa Twin, its successful trail and one of the references of the segment.

Both the chassis itself and the engine are used to create a true-to-life road. the purest interpretation of this concept, with an elegant style marked by its fairing available in three colors: gray, white and black.

The propeller is the already known 1,100cc, 102 hp twin-cylinder of power, with the intake and exhaust readjusted to obtain the most adequate response on a motorcycle of this style, brimming with torque, full sound at low revs and first-rate accelerations.

Despite this outstanding performance, Honda ensures that with a deposit of 20 liters of gasoline can be reached up to 400 kilometers, which translates into a consumption (not officially confirmed) of five liters per 100 kilometers.

Auto switch

The series change is six gears and the final chain drive, although as an option the system of double clutch DCT, that makes the transition between relationships by means of handlebar pushbuttons or totally automatic. Electronics offers three driving modes (urban, rainy and touristy), along with two others customizable by the user.

Honda NT1100
The instrumentation is digital in color.

There are also other delicacies such as three levels of traction control and many others to avoid lifting the front wheel in rapid acceleration. The instrumentation is centralized in a TFT touch screen and 6.5 inches, with color graphics and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Specific geometry

The chassis is a semi double cradle made of steel, with a contained wheelbase and a tight steering angle to ensure the handling of the NT1100. The front suspension is entrusted to a Showa inverted fork with 43mm diameter bars, while on the rear there is a single shock absorber adjustable in preload and with 150mm of travel.

As for the brakes, the front discs reach a diameter of 310mm with four-piston calipers and radial attachment, mounted on wheels of 17 inch on both axes. The height of the saddle is about accessible 820mm, while the windshield screen can be adjusted in five positions, in addition to having upper and lower deflectors to offer a increased aerodynamic protection on long trips.

Honda NT1100

The Honda NT1100 will reach dealerships of the brand throughout the first quarter of next year. The price of the version with conventional transmission is 14,400 euros, while the option of the DCT automatic box increases this amount in other a thousand euros.

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