Honda NT1100, the traveler who wants to reactivate the segment | Motorcycles

Honda NT1100, the traveler who wants to reactivate the segment | Motorcycles

Sling, as a letter of introduction to the new NT1100, refers to a touring motorcycle to use in any situation, able to travel any distance with a high degree of comfort and at the same time it is simple, reliable and inexpensive to maintain.

A friendly motorbike, without great complexities that comes ready for anything, with a starting price of 14,400 euros (with six-speed gearbox) and 15,400 euros if equipped with automatic and manual double clutch DCT gearbox.

Gran turismo motorcycles they are usually heavy and with a considerable volume, require high doses of experience from their driver and by price they are not available to everyone. Honda has worked on this aspect and shows that there are new paths.

The new NT1100, simplifying their development process, is an Africa Twin 1100 to which they have changed tires, brakes, suspensions and designed a bodywork ideal for your new role. Is now more low, with better aerodynamic protection and a behavior in clearly superior road. All these modifications allow us to affirm that it is a new product.

The propellant

As a reminder of the base of the Africa Twin, note that the thruster is of two cylinders in line and 1,084cc with two balancing shafts to cancel out vibrations, it develops a power of 102 hp at 7,500 rpm, it exhibits proven robustness and impeccable response and behavior.

In addition, some minor changes in the intake and exhaust to optimize acceleration and recovery at low speed, has gained efficiency and this affects the real consumption that is around the average 5 l / 100km, which allows an autonomy of about 400 kilometers.

Technically incorporates electronic throttle that allows you to have five driving modes: city, highway, rain and two more customizable. It also includes cruise control, three-level adjustable traction control and control anti-wheelie (lifting the front wheel). From the instrument screen 6.5 inch color, Similar to the Africa Twin, all available menus are navigated and selected.

Instrumentation screen of the new Honda.

On going

When starting to shoot, the first thing that is appreciated, and more already in cold seasons, is excellent aerodynamic protection enjoyed by both the driver and the passenger, with the dome adjustable in five positions Tall.

The handlebar provides a relaxed posture, it is quite flat and wide, which facilitates maneuvers while standing and running, makes changes of direction in areas of interconnected turns are accurate and fast. It is surprising for its agility and although it is not heavy (238 kilos and 10 more for the DCT version) looks like a lighter motorcycle than it really is.

It arrives well to the ground with both feet, although the driver is not tall, partly thanks to suspensions with a contained travel, but at the same time they are comfortable on the road, even if it’s in bad shape. They are shown with sufficient firmness so that there are no weight transfers in heavy braking and overall setting ideal for light riding and even tackle some episodes of dynamic driving.

Good dynamic behavior of the NT1100.

The bottom line is that the new Honda NT1100 maybe you gave to be the most striking and spectacular motorcycle of the gran turismo, but it is a model that perfectly meets the objectives set. Easy to drive, practical in daily use and perfect for traveling (it comes standard with two side cases) and all well designed and executed. And as a culmination, it is offered to a more than reasonable price.

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