Honda Scoopy, the best-selling scooter improves | Motorcycles

Honda Scoopy, the best-selling scooter improves | Motorcycles

The Honda Scoopy is a true benchmark among tall wheel (16-inch) city scooters, because it has dominated the European market almost since its launch in 1984. And since then it has sold more than a million units and has remained on the commercial podium for 17 seasons.

In this 2020 installment, the fifth in its history, Honda reinforces its attributes, refines its design, expands cargo space and, above all, debuts a state-of-the-art engine that increases performance, reduces consumption and minimizes emissions.

The price goes up to 3,800 euros, 160 more, but it seems little for all the improvements it collects. The body shapes are now a bit sharper, the headlight has moved to the lower part of the shield and the digital instrumentation, Another novelty, it has a double screen and integrates a trip computer.

The Smart Key keyless start system remains and can add, for 190 euros, the option of remote opening of the rear trunk. Storage capacity is gained under the seat of the Honda Scoopy, up to 55% more than before, and A full face helmet and some other package can easily fit. It also has a courtesy light and a USB socket that allows, for example, to recharge the mobile.

Llanea at 100 km / h with ease

The position at the controls, comfortable and natural, already refers to the Scoopy saga. When starting, the new engine hardly vibrates or sounds, and the discretion is almost total. But it is enough to start the march to appreciate a different personality. The thruster now has four valves and many internal technical improvements, and progress is noticeable when accelerating.

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Honda Scoopy, the best-selling scooter improves | Motorcycles
When exiting the traffic lights, the traffic is much more easily left behind, and also the mechanics work with a smoothness and fineness of transmission that make it the best in its category. On intercity sections or fast ring roads, the Honda Scoopy fully complies, rolls safely and surprises its ability to flatten without any stress at sustained 100 km / h, something unusual among these scooters. And if the engine is completely rushed and the terrain is flat, it can reach 120 km / h, although it is only advisable to do it in a timely manner and not consider that speed as a sustained cruising pace.

Suspensions do their job wellThey provide confidence and security, although the rear, somewhat hard, takes away a bit of comfort and is almost the only questionable aspect. The motor includes Idling Stop system, it turns off only at traffic lights and restarts automatically when you turn the gas knob.

Consumption stays at about two liters per 100 kilometers, and the theoretical autonomy, with the seven liters of the tank, allows to reach 320 kilometers. The braking is also effective and, apart from the fact that the Honda Scoopy 2020 stops with solvency, the ABS is not intrusive and only appears when it is needed. And, despite its 12.3 hp, it has traction control, which may seem excessive, but which is appreciated when accelerating on sewers, cobblestone floors or wet subway grates.

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Honda Scoopy, the best-selling scooter improves | Motorcycles

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