Hookie Tardigrade, the astronauts’ motorcycle | Motorcycles

Hookie Tardigrade, the astronauts' motorcycle | Motorcycles

Until now, the vehicles that have been sent into space were of the type rover and four-wheelers. But things could change with the Hookie Tardigrade, the next astronauts they could become the first motorcyclists beyond Earth.

The Hookie Tardigrade, designed by Russian engineer Andrey Fabishevsky, is an electric motorcycle developed from the battery-powered motor of the Cake Ösa, a modular and multifunctional electric scooter of 5.4 hp.

To meet the requirements of spacecraft (light and easy to transport) it weighs 134 kilos, little more than a 125cc scooter. However, with your battery fully charged you can go up to 115 kilometers at a maximum speed limited to 15 km / h.

A motorcycle for the Moon

The aluminum chassis is of the cage type and the huge 24 inch wheels they do not have tires that can be punctured. The rims are covered with an ultra-resistant carbon fiber tread, they have been designed to move on any terrain. And to facilitate the transport and commissioning of the Hookie Tardigrade, the front end can be mounted or dismounted in just two minutes.

The proposal of a space bike has not fallen on deaf ears and has deserved the attention of the POT for your future projects. For the moment, the Hookie Tardigrade is on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, in hopes that the idea of ​​a space exploration motorcycle can be applied in future manned missions to the Moon.

All an endorsement for its creators of Hookie, a young company from Dresden (Germany) created in 2015 to develop customization kits for conventional motorcycles, and which, with the new times, has expanded its activity to the development of electrified models.

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