How and Why to Advertise on TikTok?

TikTok, the social network with 1 billion active users has just officially launched its advertising offer for French advertisers. Want to advertise on TikTok? Here’s everything you need to know before you get started.

TikTok: what is it?

For those who don’t know it yet, TikTok is a social network sharing short 60-second video clips to music.

Operating exclusively on a mobile app, using TikTok is relatively simple for its users: they select the music of their choice then associate a 60-second video to it before sharing it, having the possibility of integrating hashtags and a short description. .

TikTok logo

TikTok in a few figures

The TikTok social network may not speak to you too much yet.

Widely used by the younger generations, the Chinese social network nevertheless claims no less than 800 million monthly active users (1 billion users in all) around the world on its mobile application which itself has accounted for more than 3 billion downloads since his launch in autumn 2017.

Audience level, 66% of TikTok users are under 30. 41% of users are between 16 and 24 years old.

Very popular across the Atlantic and in Asia, TikTok has recently gained popularity in Europe and France, especially since its $1 billion takeover of and its merger with this social network in August 2018.

However, to date, we do not have precise figures on the number of users in France. The only clue we have is that one of TikTok’s ad formats that appears when opening the app can generate up to 3.9 million impressions in a day. It could therefore be approximately the number of average active users on the platform currently in France, but we have no certainty about that.

Why advertise on TikTok?

1 – An increasingly large and broad audience

Obviously, impossible to miss: TikTok is the trending network of the moment. It has revolutionized the way of consuming content on the networks, and it works. Its popularity is growing worldwide, so much so that it should reach 1.5 billion active users by the end of 2022 according to App Annie, double from 3 years ago. .

In other words, TikTok’s audience is always growing and seems to have no limit. Another consequence of this is the demographic diversification that settles on the application as the number of users increases. While it was intended more for young people and the famous “Generation Z” (16 – 24 years old) at its inception, the latter now only represent 41% of users, according to Statista. This implies that more than half of users are not part of this margin, and that the audience has grown.

We must therefore not limit the advertising potential of TikTok to a young audience, it would be to ignore the creative potential that we will see right after.

2 – The potential of video for marketing and engagement

Using TikTok to advertise also means giving yourself the means to take full advantage of the marketing potential of video. This is even the raison d’être of the Chinese social network. Thanks to the creative and interactive potential of the application, you will be able to give your video campaigns a much better chance of working.

Users are much more sensitive to it since they are on the platform, which is itself centered on video. In other words, the impact of video will be much stronger than on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, which are historically not video-focused social networks.

In addition to that, the format of TikTok ads is very natural and almost blends into the background between 2 community videos. So you put all the chances on your side to convert if you take up the codes of your audience with quality content that interests them.

It is also important to note that these are formats that promote the engagement of your audience. We’ll come back to ad formats later, but you’ll see that some of them really drive engagement.

example of advertising broadcast on TikTok
example of advertising broadcast on TikTok

3 – Effective dissemination

Another interesting point of advertising on TikTok is the easily exponential virality of content on this network. What makes the difference between TikTok and other networks is the algorithm that allows a lot of people to be visible. Even if you are not subscribed to content, if TikTok thinks it might interest you, it submits it to you.

This aspect is a real opportunity for an advertising campaign. Especially if you think of the “hashtag challenge” ad format that will encourage users to promote you for a few days. If your challenge is good enough and the community takes it up, visibility can quickly explode (this is not a generality either, be careful).

4 – A relatively low cost for the moment

To complete these advantages, we can also talk about the price which remains relatively reasonable at the moment. We must emphasize the “for the moment” since, as you can imagine, if the audience increases and diversifies, the advertising cost increases proportionally.

Nevertheless, this network does not yet have as much seniority as Facebook Ads or the audience of Google Ads, so prices remain affordable and advertising pressure from competitors is fairly low.

Which advertisers are relevant for TikTok advertising?

Of course, given the fairly young audience of the application, only the brands B2C targeting 16 – 30 years old will have a real interest in advertise their products and services through TikTok.

Among the sectors most in affinity with TikTok, we find in particular:

  • The world of music (artists, record labels, music streaming services,
  • The world of video games (mobile applications, computers and consoles),
  • The world of cinema and video on demand,
  • the world of fashion,
  • the world of sports,
  • The world of games and toys,
  • The world of mobile applications,

Just like advertising on SnapChat, the prices charged by TikTok for its advertising formats will mean that they will mainly target medium and large companies with a fairly large marketing budget.

What criteria for advertising on TikTok?

tiktok ads advertising form
Form to fill out to join the TikTok Ads platform

For the moment, to create your first advertisement on TikTok, you must first complete a short online form to be accepted by the company itself as an advertiser.

You should first tell TikTok whether you want to promote your own products/services or those of a third party (in the case of an agency for example).

To finalize the request, all you have to do is provide the country in which you are based and fill in your main contact information as well as your company’s website.

The creation and validation of the advertising account generally takes 48 hours.

What advertising objectives does TikTok offer?

Once accepted on the TikTok advertising platform, you will be able to choose from 3 advertising objectives when creating your campaign:

  • Traffic,
  • conversions,
  • Installing mobile app.

What advertising formats are offered on TikTok?

It exists to date 4 advertising formats different :

  • Campaign Heater : an in-feed video format to redirect traffic to a landing page. Here you can encourage Internet users to download a mobile application or go to the landing page of your choice via a short video adapted to the TikTok platform, for example.
  • Fanbase Booster : an in-feed video format too but this time only oriented to grow your brand TikTok account.
  • Splash Page : allows you to broadcast an image or short video (a little in the form of a story) for 3 to 5 seconds when the Internet user opens the mobile application. This format makes it possible to redirect Internet users on click to a landing page.
  • hashtag challenge : promoting a hashtag for 6 days to encourage users to use it in their creations on TikTok.

How to create a TikTok ad?

Once on the platform and the chosen ad format, you will need to create your ad.

It is important to note that the descriptions of TikTok In-Feed ads cannot contain more than 80 characters, so do not rely too much on this text to promote what you want to highlight but rather choose your images and clips carefully. video.

If you lack inspiration, you can upload up to 5 videos, 5 text ads, 1 CTA and 10 images into the automatic TikTok ad creation tool. The social network’s algorithm will combine them in different ways to find the best performing combination based on your audience targeting.

What audience targeting criteria for TikTok ads?

To define the audience that will see your TikTok advertisement, several targeting criteria are offered by the mobile application.

We find to date the main parameters such as:

  • sex,
  • The geographic location,
  • age,
  • Language,
  • The operating system used,
  • Centers of interest.
tiktok targeting audiences ads
Overview of audience targeting options on TikTok Ads

Advertisements on TikTok: what concrete prices?

The entry ticket to advertise on TikTok is 500 dollars. If your budget is lower than this, you will not be able to advertise on the mobile app.

In concrete terms, two pricing methods are offered:

  • the CPM (cost per thousand impressions),
  • the CPT (cost per broadcast time).

Here is an overview of the rates charged by the social network at CPM and CPT. Prices start at $8 CPM for France.

cpm price tiktok ads
Overview of the current CPM prices charged by TikTok in France for the In-Feed format and the Splash page
price cpt tiktok
Prices charged at CPt on TikTok advertising formats (per day?) with impression guarantees
tiktok advertising campaign prices
Overview of some prices for advertising campaigns on TikTok depending on the formats

You will have understood it, if your objective is to work on your notoriety with a young audience and that you have an interesting marketing budget, TikTok Ads could be an interesting advertising platform to test.

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