how and why to use it?

how and why to use it?

Pinterest Ads, accessible from a professional account, is the advertising solution offered by the social network. This marketing campaign tool stands out in two aspects, which largely contribute to its success. The cost per click (CPC) is relatively low: more than 2 times lower than the CPCs on Instagram and YouTube, for example.

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Ads are particularly effective: the company gets 2 times more return on advertising investment compared to other social networks.

What are Pinterest Ads?

Pinterest Ads is the advertising solution developed by the social network in 2013. At the time, Pinterest offered two affinity advertising formats: “Promoted Pins” and “Rich Pins”, “Pin” for Pin. Since then, the social network has enriched its offer and the company has access to new formats, such as the Idea Pin or “Story Pin”. Available since 2022 in the UK and US, the “Try On” feature will offer businesses the opportunity to use augmented reality in their Pinterest Ads marketing strategy.

Concretely, Pinterest Ads makes it possible to highlight branded content as a sponsored ad, on the homepage and in the search results of the targeted user.

Why use Pinterest Ads?

Using Pinterest Ads helps to strengthen the brand’s presence on the social network, to take advantage of increased business opportunities. Pinterest Ads allows you to set specific campaign objectives and target a specific audience, which can be beneficial for your Pinterest marketing strategy.

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As part of its social media marketing strategy, the company mainly relies on the following social networks, depending on its financial means and its target clientele: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest . Using Pinterest is a strategic choice for the company. At the start of 2022, Pinterest had 444 million monthly active users worldwide. The audience is smaller than on Facebook, TikTok or Instagram, but Pinterest stands out in terms of advertising: the platform announces a return on investment twice as high as other social networks. Pinterest indeed, unlike other social networks for entertainment purposes, is used as a search engine within the framework of a project to be carried out. The user who browses there is therefore already intending to buy, and the traffic is thus highly qualified, favoring the conversion rate. Illustration: an individual wants to fit out his new kitchen; he looks on Pinterest not only for inspirations, but also the associated products, with the idea of ​​buying them to implement his development project. Since 97% of searches are made without a brand name, the company that uses Pinterest, and even more so Pinterest Ads, has every chance of being referenced.

In practice, the company uses Pinterest Ads for a specific marketing purpose:

  • Brand awareness: Pinterest Ads boost brand visibility. The company launches an advertising campaign to quickly expand its audience, to accelerate the distribution of its new product or service offer, or to improve the impact of a promotion.
  • Increase in sales: Pinterest Ads improves conversion rate. The company publishes a sponsored ad to encourage purchase. In this regard, the platform indicates that the consumer spends 30% more on Pinterest compared to other social networks.
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How to advertise on Pinterest?

To advertise on Pinterest, the business must have a business account and link it to their website URL from the “Claim Your Site” tab. The company can then create an advertisement from its account, via an intuitive procedure: the Pinterest Ads advertising agency guides and advises the advertiser at all stages of creating their advertisement.

Among the essential steps to configure your marketing campaign on Pinterest:

  1. Choose the format of the sponsored ad: Pinterest Ads offers 5 distinct formats. The standard format, as a Promoted Pin, displays a vertical image to promote a product, for example. For the video format, Pinterest recommends posting 6-15 second promotional content. The shopping format allows you to integrate details of price, availability or even customer reviews into a product sheet. The carousel format integrates up to 5 visuals that the user scrolls through, allowing the brand to give an overview of its new range of products, for example. The collections format is displayed as a slideshow of images and videos. Note that the brand can transform an organic Pin into an advertisement directly from its account, on the site or on the Pinterest mobile application.
  2. Determine the objective of the campaign: the company chooses among the proposals of the advertising management. Increase brand awareness, generate traffic on the website, improve the conversion rate, encourage the download of an application or even increase the number of views of a video: the methods of displaying the ad vary according to of the objective.
  3. Define the audience: Pinterest Ads offers two types of targeting. The platform automatically determines the relevant audience: automatic targeting selects the audience based on the characteristics of the Pin; the “act-alike” audience targets an audience similar to the company’s existing customers. The company defines its audience itself: it uses the targeting parameters by demographic data and centers of interest, it chooses keywords and it can even import its list of contacts.
  4. Decide on the budget: the company sets the daily or global amount to invest in its Pinterest Ads campaign, and indicates its bid, i.e. the amount it pays per action such as a click on the Pin . The platform offers an automatic bidding system to optimize campaign results.
  5. Measure results: Once the campaign is launched, the company visualizes its essential performance statistics from the Ads Manager. By analyzing this data, she improves her strategy for more impact.
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