How Apple is diversifying its supply chain

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Managing relationships with subcontractors is not a long calm river for a very large company like Apple. It happens that some companies do not really respect the rules laid down by the apple brand. In some cases also, the Cupertino company depends a little too much on a single company and therefore exposes itself to problems when it is in difficulty.

From Japan to China for Apple?

This is precisely what happened recently with its main supplier of flash memory for the iPhone, the Japanese company Kioxia. The latter was forced to reduce its production last February after the discovery of contaminated raw materials.

And precisely, according to information from Bloomberg, the apple brand is anticipating the future by looking for alternative subcontractors in this field. It already collaborates with Micron Technology and Samsung and would have set its sights on the Chinese company Yangtze Memory Technologies. This state-owned company is relatively new and was only founded in 2016.

For the moment, no decision has been taken yet but it would be the first Chinese company to work with Apple for the memory of the iPhone. Tim Cook’s firm can leave nothing to chance, and it must try to anticipate the slightest unforeseen event in order to mass-produce its new devices. Therefore, these precautions are not extravagant.

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As a reminder, Apple regularly cleans up its subcontractors and this was the case last February when we learned that a dozen of them were dismissed by the Tech giant.

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