how Apple made its tablet more repairable

how Apple made its tablet more repairable

At the beginning of March, during its first keynote of the year, in addition to theiPhone SE 2022 and Mac Studio, Apple also introduced theiPad Air 5. The firm’s new tablet has many arguments, such as the presence of an M1 chip which guarantees excellent performance, 5G, a USB-C port which allows data to be transferred faster, or even a new optimized front camera. for videoconferences thanks to the Center Stage function.

What Apple didn’t mention during its presentation is that the iPad Air 5 also has an improved design that makes the product easier to repair. In order to discover this, the company iFixit, the world reference in the repair of electronic devices, had to disassemble the new Apple tablet.

iPad Air 5: Apple continues to adopt good repairability practices

As noted in a tweet, iFixit was pleasantly surprised to find that on the iPad Air 5 the battery is not stuck. “We don’t do a full teardown of the iPad Air 5, but we took it apart to investigate and were pleasantly surprised to find stretchy adhesives under the battery! If only the battery connector was also updated. There is always next year”we read in the publication.

iPad Air 5 disassembled

Photo posted by iFixit on Twitter showing the pull tab on the iPad Air 5. © iFixit

Indeed, manufacturers of smartphones and tablets have an unfortunate tendency to stick their batteries. And that makes the repair job more complicated, since repairers usually have to use a solvent, like isopropyl alcohol, in order to replace those stuck batteries.

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Thanks to the removal tabs that iFixit shows in its tweet, it should be easier for technicians to replace the battery of an iPad Air 5. Moreover, for those who would be tempted to do this replacement themselves (something that ‘Apple is making it possible), the task will also be easier.

And that’s not all. According to the MacRumours site, the use of these tabs would also be beneficial for the planet since it will be easier to remove the battery when recycling a device.

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Of course, you’ll have to wait for iFixit’s full teardown to find out how easy the iPad Air 5 is to repair (the company publishes the full process and gives the product a repairability rating). But in any case, the presence of the removal tabs is already a good sign.

Note also that in the future, these tabs could become mandatory. Indeed, in Europe, there is currently a new draft legislation concerning batteries. In essence, this aims to to obligate manufacturers to ensure that their batteries are designed in such a way that “Consumers and independent operators can withdraw them themselves easily and safely. »

And if such legislation comes into force in 2024, sticking batteries on smartphones or tablets would likely be banned.

Apple iPad Air 4Apple iPad Air 4

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