How can we avoid obsession with our partner?

How can we avoid obsession with our partner?

Anna Karenina syndrome is the worst form of love that exists: obsessive love

A relationship of absolute dependency is unpleasant and harmful, but this is difficult to be perceived by a person with the Anna Karenina syndrome. Below we will delve into details about this disease.

What is Anna Karenina syndrome?

According to an article from the Psychology and Mind portal, Anna Karenina syndrome is an obsessive pattern that consists of absolute dependence on the loved figure, which considerably affects all areas of the patient’s life.

The name of this syndrome is due to the protagonist of the novel of the same name published by Tolstoy in 1877. In the novel, Anna Karenina sacrifices much of her life for a man with whom she fell in love.

A person with Anna Karenina syndrome can literally do anything to be with the one you love, which eclipses absolutely every aspect of your life. It is very common for Anna Karenina syndrome to promote the idealization of the loved one in the eyes of the patient.

How to avoid Anna Karenina syndrome?

To avoid developing Anna Karenina syndrome, the person should examine the relationship you currently have as well as his perspective on love. On the other hand, you have to be aware that happiness is a personal matter, not a shared topic.

It is also important to point out the importance of keeping the rest of our interpersonal relationships to avoid concentrating all our affections and interests on a single individual, which only strengthens the relationship of absolute dependency.

The syndrome by Anna Karenina is, as its name suggests, an effective pattern that can be quite damaging to you. That is why in situations like this, it will be best to seek professional help in order to regain autonomous control of your life.

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