Health How Car-T Cell Therapy Works to Fight Cancer?

How Car-T Cell Therapy Works to Fight Cancer?


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Car-T cell therapy is a procedure that involves the use of white blood cells

Car-T cell therapy is a very interesting and promising way to help the immune system to attack cancer cells. Here are more details about this medical and positive procedure for the health of the cancer patient.

What does Car-T cell therapy consist of?

According to the American Cancer Society, car-T cell therapy is a treatment that consists of the removal of cancer cells from the modification of the T cells that are present in the immune system.

T cells of the immune system have receptors that allow them to bind with foreign antigens to the immune system and that allow the system to identify the cells associated with these antigens as dangerous for the body and to be able to destroy them.

In this cell therapy, T cells receive artificial receptors that allow them to identify the antigens of cancer cells. These artificial receptors or CARThey can be designed to identify the characteristic antigens of each type of cancer.

How is Car-T cell therapy performed?

First, a white blood cell extraction of the patient through a process known as leukapheresis. These white blood cells contain the T cells that will be modified as part of the therapy. This stage usually lasts between two and three hours.

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The T cells are separated from the white blood cells and sent to the laboratory, where the chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) through its genetic alteration. It can take weeks to make the number of cells needed for therapy.

Once all the Car-T cells are made, they are returned to the patient for a precise attack on cancer cells. Days before the procedure, the patient may receive chemotherapy to lower the other immune cells and promote activation of the Car-T cells.

Car-T cell therapy has been shown to be effective in cases where it has been applied, making it a useful alternative against different types of cancer, increasing the patient’s chances of recovery.

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