How did Camilo and Evaluna Montaner meet?

¿Cómo se conocieron Camilo y Evaluna Montaner?

Evaluna Montaner Y Camilo they have one of the strongest marriages of the moment. Just last year they celebrated their long-awaited wedding and his fans are lovingly celebrating their first anniversary. And if you don’t remember how their love story started, here we tell you.

They met in 2014, both had to attend an event in Colombia, at that time love did not arise until a year later, when they broke up with their respective partners. He took the initiative to write to Ricardo Montaner’s daughter on Twitter to ask for his personal number.

Eva lived in Miami and he in Bogotá, but that did not prevent them from getting to know each other, over time they shortened the distance and were able to go out. Months after that they made their relationship official and began to fill their social networks with photographs that their fans loved.

In 2018 they gave the news that they were engaged and with a tender video shocked their followers who could not wait for the wedding. It was in a movie theater; he prepared a special screening for the family of both and asked for her hand with a sweet video.

On February 8, 2020, they arrived at the altar in a traditional ceremony that caught the attention of the media. At all times they were both very happy to start a new life together and currently share with their fans how much fun they have at home.

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