How did Carlos Ponce and Karina Banda meet?

How did Carlos Ponce and Karina Banda meet?

Karina Banda and Carlos Ponce make up one of the most beloved couples of the Latin show. The Puerto Rican actor and singer and the Mexican presenter have a dream love story, although he had his moments of crisis that even led to a temporary separation. However, today they live a wonderful present, already in marriage and with projects in common, both personal and professional. How did they meet and how did their romance develop?

Carlos Ponce and Karina Banda met on February 14, 2018 when Lili Estefan, also known as “La Flaca”, introduced them during a meeting at her house attended by several friends from the celebrity environment. Both felt a strong instant attraction and had their first date on May 28 of that same year. They kept a secret romance until they confirmed their courtship in July on the program “El Gordo y la Flaca”. Since then both share their love on social networks.

After 10 months of relationship, the couple decided to separate and remained “friends”. At that time, Ponce said that she had had a beautiful love story full of affection, laughter, adventures and learning and called Banda a “beautiful, romantic, intelligent and affectionate woman.”

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