How did The Weeknd fare within days of the Super Bowl?

¿Cómo le fue a The Weeknd a unos días del Super Bowl?

The Weeknd.

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Last Sunday, February 7, Super Bowl LV was held in which the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City and where The Weeknd shone with a halftime show that divided opinions on social media. However, Abel did not have as bad a time as many would believe because days before the expected presentation, it seems that he had incredible profits after all.

According to information from Billboard The singer’s songs returned to position in the playlists on streaming platforms. In the United States alone, their downloads increased 41%, going from generating 34.5 million views on February 5 and 6 to 48.9 million on February 7 and 8.

His most listened song the days following the event was “Blinding Lights” with 6.54 million viewsIt was followed by “Save Your Tears” with 6.19 million and in third position was placed “The Hills” with 2.52 million.

The Weeknd triumphs but the criticism was not lacking

Days before the expected presentation, the singer had confirmed that he invested $ 7 million for the show, plus I would only receive $ 1 million for a Pepsi ad before the game. According to estimates, the half time could have cost around $ 20 million dollars.

During the event, users of social networks were not satisfied with Abel’s show, which was described as “insipid”. For its part, specialized critics saw it as a solid performance and recognized the technical aspects of the action, taking into account that it was carried out in an atypical environment due to the pandemic due to coronavirus.

Now we will have to wait and see what Abel will prepare in the following months; the Grammy Awards –which should have been January 31– They are scheduled for March 14, will it be that after The Weeknd show they will look for the artist after the controversy for ignoring it?

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