How do I change my username (@) on Twitter?

How do I change my username (@) on Twitter?

When a user creates his profile on the Twitter social network, he must choose his @ twitter. It is this user name that will identify him to other subscribers to the platform. However, it happens that this name no longer corresponds to the desire of the user so it is possible in a few clicks to proceed with its change.

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[email protected] versus display name

On the social network Twitter, there are 2 types of names for a subscriber to be identified: the username preceded by an at sign @ (@ + username) and the display name.

The username preceded by @ is mainly used to be contacted by other subscribers on the platform and also to communicate between users. In order to define your username, it is quite possible to choose a pseudonym, your real username, the name of your brand or company, etc. There are no particular restrictions from Twitter at this level. It should be noted that the user name can be modified at any time by its owner.

The display name on the other hand represents the name of the user which appears directly on the latter’s profile above the username with @. The display name helps other subscribers identify the user more quickly. It can be modified by going to its profile, modifying it and then editing it. It should also be noted that the display name and the user name can be quite different.

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How to change your Twitter username?

In order to change his @ twitter, the manipulation presented below remains quite simple and fast for any subscriber wishing to make this modification.

It is useful to specify that the user name, to be in good standing with the social network, must contain precisely between 4 and 15 characters maximum. It should only contain letters, numbers and underscores. Spaces inserted in the name are not allowed by the platform.

Step 1

First, you need to head to the Twitter home interface. Once on the home screen, go to the sidebar menu on the left side of the screen to click on the “Home” tab.

first step to change your @ twitter

Then, a simple click on “More” to finish by pressing “Settings and privacy”.

2nd step to change your @ twitter

2nd step

A different display appears on the screen and you must then click on the “Your account” button to then go to the “Account information” button.

3rd step to change your @ twitter

Step 3

Once you have arrived at the “Account Information” section, click on the “Username” button. Choose a name different from the previous one that you can delete, then write the new one instead. Twitter may suggest names to help you in your process.

4th step to change your @ twitter

Step 4

Once your username has been changed, go to the very bottom of the screen to click on the blue “Save” button. It is possible that at this step or one of the previous steps, Twitter asks you to enter your password. Nothing to worry about, it’s just a protective measure for your account.

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5th step to change your @ twitter

The subscribers of the user’s account will thus be able to see that the latter has changed his @ twitter. The platform strongly advises notifying subscribers of any name changes in order to avoid a surprise effect or possible misunderstanding. It also specifies that any name deleted by a user will immediately be made available for use by another subscriber.

Like performance analysis or tweet scheduling, @shifting is a useful feature to know if you’re getting into Twitter marketing. The procedure for modifying your @ twitter is quite simple to execute and is done automatically after saving the modifications. This change has no impact on the user’s profile or on his tweets or private messages. The advantage on this platform is that the change of his @ twitter can be done at any time and as many times as the user wishes.

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