How do I edit an Instagram post? (Post and photo)

How do I edit an Instagram post? (Post and photo)

Instagram is the social network specializing in the publication of photos and videos. It therefore allows users to spontaneously share moments of their life or that of their company. If it’s image-driven, caption and hashtags are just as important. So, if a typo has slipped into the legend, it is important to be able to correct it quickly.

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How to edit a post on Instagram

  • Under Android or iOS: click on the three small gray dots located in the top right corner of the photo to modify.
  • Click on “Modify”.
  • Then change the caption: the text and the hashtags can be rewritten.
  • Click on the green validation symbol on Android and on Finish for iOS.

Instagram screen copy edit photo

Instagram screen copy edit photo

screenshot instagram caption

Edit the content of a post on Instagram

Edit Instagram post by deleting it

The steps mentioned above allow you to quickly access the caption of an Instagram photo and correct it in the event of an error. You still have to be able to create new content quickly. Indeed, the format of texts on Instagram is short, it is important to adopt the principles of effective web writing on social networks. Before publishing, it is therefore necessary to think about its content. Sometimes, when inspiration does not come, it is faster to click on the three little gray dots and then click on “Remove”. Subsequently, all you have to do is republish the post by modifying the caption.

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Instagram screenshot delete content

Limits for modifying a publication

A little precision is necessary. The functionality to edit an Instagram post is accessible only by the author of the latter, and only on his profile. Thus, the functionality is not accessible on content published on another user’s post. If someone wants to edit a comment written in response to someone else’s post, the only way is to delete it and write a new one.

Edit an Instagram post from a computer

To edit an Instagram post from a computer, an extension must be installed on the browser. On Firefox or Chrome, User-Agent Switcher provides access to the social network’s mobile website. Once on this version of the site, the user can make all the changes as he would on a smartphone. There are other extensions that allow you to make or edit a post.

Other features to edit a post on Instagram

Change the visibility of a post

It is possible to change the visibility of an Instagram post without losing it. To achieve this, you must click on the three gray dots again, then select “Archive”. This functionality makes it possible to keep all content by making it accessible only to the account holder. The “Archives” icon in the form of a clock with its anti-clockwise rotating arrow makes it possible to find them quickly. Once this action has been taken, it is still possible to modify the post and make it visible again. You must then click on the three dots at the top right of the photo and select “Show on profile”.

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Instagram screen copy photo archive

screenshot instagram photo archive

screen copy instagram photo on profile

Change the shooting location

After making sure that you have activated the geolocation function on the phone, to change the location where an Instagram photo was taken, you must follow the same procedure as to modify the caption. Under the pseudonym, a link “Add a place” is available. You just have to look for the location of the shooting and you’re done.

Instagram screen copy add photo location

Change the ID of people on an Instagram post

The procedure is the same as for the shooting location. Once the user has started the modification, he sees appearing, the mention of identification of people on the photo, he can then delete or add people at his convenience.

Instagram screenshot identifying people

Edit comments for a post

A user can decide to modify the comments made on one of his Instagram posts by deleting them or by deactivating the comments feature on a post. He also has the possibility to change his own comments by deleting them. To erase them, slide your finger on the screen from left to right, then select the trash can icon.

To turn off comments, clicking on the three dots at the top right of the photo is also the right option. All you have to do is click on deactivate comments.

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Instagram screenshot edit comment

Edit the photo of an Instagram post

Once the photo has been published on Instagram, if the user wishes to modify it, only one choice is available to him. He must select the three small dots and click on “Delete”. Then, it will be possible to post a photo again, or even the same one after modifying it.

Instagram screen copy edit photo publication

Many other tips exist and allow you to make the most of the possibilities offered by the Instagram social network.

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