How Do I Know Who Unsubscribed? (and Mass Unfollows)

Do you manage one or more Instagram accounts and want to know who is unsubscribing from your account? Would you like to use Instagram follow/unfollow Android and iOS apps to track this? The problem is that most of the apps available on the PlayStore for the App Store are scams and/or don’t work whether they are free or paid. Here is the only method that works to analyze its unfollows on Instagram and unfollow these accounts automatically.

What does unfollow/follow Instagram mean?

  • Unfollow : action of unfollowing an account on Instagram.
  • Follow : action which consists in following a person on social networks, here, on Instagram.

Follow / unfollow: a common practice to gain Instagram followers

Although this technique is debatable, perform targeted follow followed by equally targeted unfollow is a practice that is both effective in obtaining new subscribers and popular on the Instagram social network.

If it is possible to do everything manually, some applications have specialized in this technique and thus offer the double possibility of perform follow/unfollow but also of track accounts that unfollow your Instagram accounts.

However, with Instagram’s frequently changing conditions and struggle with automation tools, most free apps that track accounts that have unsubscribed from a profile don’t work or no longer work.

This is particularly the case for the following free and paid applications that you can find in various articles supposed to present you with applications allowing you to follow the accounts that unsubscribe from your Instagram account: Followers Tracker Pro, Ins Tracker Followers Insights, FollowMeter, Follow Cop, Unfollower for Instagram, Instafollow, Followers & Unfollowers, …

If you want to save time and avoid losing money with these apps, go your way and consult the procedure that we recommend to you. if you really want to follow people who unfollow your Instagram account (and mass unfollows).

How do you know who unfollowed on Instagram?

Instagram does not natively offer the possibility to clearly detect people who have unsubscribed from an Instagram account, even with the professional account.

the only reliable way available to users to analyze this over time is to export the details of their list of subscriber accounts at regular intervals then make a comparison between previous subscribers and current subscribers.

How it works ?

Of course, if you have hundreds or even thousands of subscribers, you will not be able to perform this operation by hand, you will have to use a specialized professional tool with a free version to perform the recovery of accounts then Excel to the comparison.

Here are the different steps to follow to carry out this follow-up:

  • Collect the list of followers of your Instagram profile in CSV format using the free tool PhantomBuster and the specialized Phantom called “Instagram Following Collector” (it’s a professional automation tool but its free version will suffice)
phantombuster instagram unfollow
PhantomBuster Tool Overview

Here are the detailed actions to perform this first step:

  1. Create a free PhantomBuster account;
  2. Download and install the free extension for Chrome or Firefox depending on the web browser used;
  3. Go to the “Phantom Store” and the Instagram section to find the Phantom called “Instagram Following Collector“
  4. Then connect your Instagram account to PhantomBuster;
  5. Then add the URL of your Instagram account to extract all the accounts that follow you;
  6. Click on ” Launch to initiate recovery;
  7. Then download the .csv file with the results (you will have the list of profiles that follow you in an excel file)
  • Then add to the Excel file generated by the tool a column called ” Still subscribed » for example and leave all the lines empty for the moment (this is what will allow you during the comparison to know which formerly subscribed accounts have unsubscribed from your profile).
  • Perform a second export 1 week or 1 month later, for example, following the same procedure as before, still with the PhantomBuster tool. Then add to this new export the same column called “Still subscribed” for example and write this time “Yes” next to each account listed (you can do it en masse by copying and pasting the “Yes” on all the cells of this column) ;
  • Then compare the original list with the last list extracted using Excel’s searchV function to identify all the accounts from your first export that are “Yes” in the “Still subscribed” column (your database will be your last export and the searched column will be the column with the “Yes”).
  • Any accounts that have unsubscribed from your Instagram account will be the accounts that in the first export do not have “Yes” listed in the “Still Subscribed” column.

If you add filters on your Excel columns, you will be able to retrieve the precise list of all the accounts that have unfollow you between the date of the first export and the date of verification. This approach may seem a little tedious but it is in any case the only one that is reliable and 100% free.

Now that you got a list of unfollowing Instagram accounts, you might be wondering if you can automatically bulk unfollow them for free? The answer is yes, and it is, I assure you, easier than this first step.

How to mass unfollow accounts that no longer follow you on Instagram?

If you have identified through the previous steps a list of accounts that have unsubscribed from your account, you can use the PhantomBuster tool to perform a progressive mass unfollow action on Instagram. The free version of this professional tool should be enough for you to unfollow all unfollowers.

Be careful though, we really recommend that you perform this action gradually each day to prevent your account from being blocked by Instagram if it detects that you are using an automation tool (Instagram hates bots, applications and tools that allow you to automate tasks on your social network, so you should ideally stay under the radar by avoiding unsubscribing from too many accounts at once). The advantage of this tool is precisely that you can program the number of unsubscriptions you want to perform per day.

To perform an unfollow action on a specific list of Instagram accounts, here are the steps to follow (we assume that you already have a free account on PhantomBuster):

  • Go to the “Phantom Store” and the Instagram section to find the Phantom called “Instagram Auto Follow” (this automation allows both mass follow and mass unfollow based on a list of accounts)
  • Then connect your Instagram account to PhantomBuster if it is not already done;
PhantomBuster Instagram account login
Connecting Instagram account to PhantomBuster
  • Upload your Excel file with the list of accounts to unfollow on Google Spreadsheet and make the document accessible to all users who have the link in the sharing options;
  • Then add the URL of your Spreadsheet file in the “Your profile URLs” section;
list unfollow instagram profiles
Adding profile list to unfollow on Instagram
  • Then choose the action ” Unfollow ” in the section ” Behavior (behaviour) to schedule the unsubscription of all accounts in this list. By default, 5 accounts will be unfollow per launch and we recommend that you do not touch this setting;
set up Instagram unfollow action
Setting up the unfollow action of Instagram accounts
  • Then configure the number of triggers for this action in the ” Settings ” clicking on ” Repeatedly (meaning you’ll ask the tool to perform the unsubscribe action repeatedly).
  • Finally, select the trigger rhythm from the drop-down list (we recommend ” Once per day to trigger the action gradually each day and not alert Instagram).
program mass unfollow instagram
Programming the rhythm of mass unfollow on Instagram
  • Save and you’re done.

You have surely understood it but you can also perform mass following with this same automation with some configuration adjustments. The mass follow will be done either on a list of specific profiles previously exported, or starting from the URL of a third-party Instagram profile of which you would like to mass follow all the accounts that follow it.

We hope this article has been useful to you. If you have any questions about the Instagram unfollow, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments, we will be happy to help you.

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