How do I schedule a tweet on Twitter or TweetDeck?

How do I schedule a tweet on Twitter or TweetDeck?

Scheduling tweets makes it possible to organize content production in such a way as to maintain a regular publication rhythm. On Twitter, it is possible for a user to schedule a tweet individually, directly from their account. However, it is also possible to use TweetDeck to manage multiple posts at once.

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How to program a tweet on phone or computer?

Scheduling a tweet directly from the Twitter interface is quite simple, whether on a phone or from a computer. Right after composing the tweet, the user just needs to click on the calendar icon at the bottom right of the post area.

The Twitter “Schedule” window will then appear. It is used to indicate the date and time desired for the publication of the tweet, that is to say the moment at which its author wishes it to be displayed publicly to his audience.

Schedule a tweet from the Twitter interface

Then, all he has to do is click on “Confirm”. The user can also find all of his programmed tweets by clicking at the bottom left of the programming window. From this interface, he can, for example, delete programmed tweets that he ultimately does not wish to publish.

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Tweet scheduling tools

Apart from Twitter, tools and software are designed specifically to organize the production and publication of content on social networks. For example, HubSpot’s social media management tool combines this functionality with social media campaign statistics tracking and strategic performance analysis. Other solutions, such as Hootsuite, Cotweet or Buffer are specialized in the management of publications on social networks. Opting for one of them is strongly recommended in order to achieve strategic objectives on social networks.

How to schedule a tweet on TweetDeck?

To program a tweet on the TweetDeck tool, the user must first connect to the interface by going to: Access to TweetDeck is with their usual Twitter credentials.

From TweetDeck, he must click at the top left, on the feather-shaped icon called “New tweet”. TweetDeck being a tool designed for professionals, the section for writing a tweet allows you to change the author account from which the tweet will be published. This feature is useful for businesses that communicate from different social media accounts.

Then, the author of the publication can write his Tweet in the text box provided for this purpose. As on the standard interface of Twitter, it is possible for him to add media files (images or videos) in the body of his publication.

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Schedule a tweet on the TweetDeck tool

To confirm the scheduling of the tweet, the user must then click on “Schedule Tweet”. A window is then displayed to choose the date and time of publication of the tweet.

“Schedule Tweet” to confirm the tweet schedule

Finally, to confirm the programming of the tweet, click on “Tweet”.

How do I unschedule a tweet?

To cancel the scheduling of a tweet, whether to correct an error just after writing it or after reviewing its editorial schedule, go to column 5 of the TweetDeck dashboard. This column displays all scheduled posts on Twitter, on all accounts owned by the author of the tweet. It classifies the scheduled tweets in chronological order.

To delete a scheduled tweet, the user must click on the trash can icon at the top right of the tweet they wish to delete.

The Twitter Ads tool also allows you to manage your scheduled tweets. Just like TweetDeck, it includes a dedicated column for scheduled tweets. To delete a scheduled post on Twitter Ads, simply click on the post in question, then on “Delete”.

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