LifeStyle Relationships How do the desires of an asexual person work?

How do the desires of an asexual person work?


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Although they have little interest in sex, this does not mean that they do not practice it

The asexuality It is usually classified as the total lack of development of a person’s sexual life. Although asexuals have little or no interest in this type of interaction, that does not mean that they have no desire.

What is asexuality?

It can be said, in the first instance, that it is a lack of attraction, or little sexual attraction of an individual towards other people. It also implies a low desire to have sex.

In this sense, people who are asexual, even if they have relationships, they get bored immediately. P

For many, asexuality implies or means being celibate, but this concept is totally wrong, because people do not choose to be, they simply do not develop sexual desire.

The fact that they are asexual It does not mean that they do not have the capacity to fall in love or to be attracted to other people.. The point is that this attraction does not usually occur with certain frequency, or only happens with specific people.

How asexual desires work

Asexuals may be attracted to other people. However, their way of relating is different. More than the sexual act, what attracts or attracts another person’s attention are their personality traits.

In this sense, they feel more empathy, they express themselves in different ways, they are capable of having sexual relations, but they warn their partners how they work to avoid having a bad time.

More than feel pleasure, they worry that the other person feels pleasure and they try to make them feel comfortable. Sexual attraction arises, in many cases, if there is a strong emotional bond.

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To conclude, it is worth clarifying that there are discussions among specialists on asexuality. Others claim that it is an emotional disability, while others define it as a sexual orientation.





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- Advertisement -How do the desires of an asexual person work?How do the desires of an asexual person work?

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