How iPhone Monitors Your Hearing Health


The iOS system also includes a health feature that protects your hearing by monitoring the sound level of another source much closer to your ears, your headphones or earphones.

Indeed in the Health app there is a category called “Hearing“. This section collects noise data from the Apple Watch, but also monitors the sound level of your headphones.

The function works with all headphones and earphones. However, the most accurate measurements are obtained using Apple or Beats solutions equipped with the W1 or H1 chip.

This chip indeed makes it possible to monitor and record the exact levels in decibels that come from the audio drivers of the headphones. While for all other headphones, the system has no choice but to estimate the sound intensity based on the volume of the iPhone.

Where to find the sound levels of your headphones

If you use AirPods or Beats Wireless headphones, you don’t have to do anything to configure this feature, it’s enabled by default for all users (provided you have iOS 13 or later) ).

Go to the Health app, tap the tab Browsethen in the different health categories, select Hearing.

iOS 13 hearing function


On this page, you will find the sound levels of your headphones for the day, as well as for the last 12 months. Sound levels have two indicators, OKif your hearing is safe, and Noisy if you have been exposed to a prolonged and repeated high noise level.

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Based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization, Apple explains that a noise level of 74 dB can be considered dangerous in the event of prolonged exposure.

iOS 13 hearing functioniOS 13 hearing feature


Note that you can also view data over multiple time ranges, hour, day, week, month and even year.

Enable sound level monitoring for third-party headsets

If you use headphones or earphones from a brand other than Apple or Beats, you must manually activate the sound level monitoring, which will be less precise.

Meet in the app Settingsthen go to Privacy > Health. At the top of this page, press Headphone sound levels and finally activate the option Include other headphones.

iOS 13 hearing featureiOS 13 hearing function


Do you belong to the family OK Where Noisy ?

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