How many calories should you consume per day to really lose weight

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Caloric restriction is necessary for successful weight loss. Know the best tips to lose those extra pounds with a lot of health and well-being

Enjoy a healthy weight is one of the main recommendations for live longer and better. We all know that overweight and obesity are conditions that are directly related to other degenerative diseases and a significant deterioration in health.

Today we have at hand all kinds of dietary guidelines which are valuable tools for lose weight quickly and effectively. Regardless of the type of diet decided, the calories we consume per day they are a key aspect of the results. Various nutrition specialists agree on the different nuances that revolve around the concept “Calories” and it is a fact that specifically define how many calories should be consumed to lose weight or even keep it, It is a concept that is not entirely clear and that it depends on various factors.

The calorie needs are a concept that varies throughout life and that they are influenced by basic questions of each individual how age, the physical complexion, the level of activity, possible injuries and chronic health conditions or particular states like pregnancy. There is also another basic concept called basal metabolic rate, which in broad strokes is a measurement that determines how many calories the body burns when at rest. This is very important since it is the energy that the body uses to fulfill its most essential functionssuch as respiration, digestion, blood pumping, and nutrient absorption.

That is why from these concepts the nutrition specialists and online calculators, they can determine basal metabolic rate and total caloric needs, it is important to emphasize that an exact number is never established as such. It is easier to think of personal caloric intake as a range, which is created based on each person’s lifestyle that is why it will always be individual information.

Not all calories are the same:

Any nutritionist will answer the same thing, It is a fact that not all calories are created equal. In its most basic form a calorie is a energy measurement unitHowever, humans feed on products that contain nutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates specific and unmatched. It is the composition of each food what determines the quality of your caloriesEating a donut or a plate of fruit will never be the same.

In fact it is proven that the whole-grain foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes create a different biological response in the body that if we consume the same caloric intake, but in products like sugary drinks, fast foods or sweets.

We can consume the 2,000 average calories per day for processed foods, fast foods, sodas, and treatsHowever, at no time will we be providing essential nutrients that the body requires to function well and this is one of the main impediments to losing weight.

How many calories to consume to lose weight?

The specialists point out that losing 2 pounds a week is recommended and considered optimal in health issues. One pound is the equivalent of 3,500 calories Thus eliminate 500 calories per day for a week it is related to the loss of one pound a week (almost half a kg).

Therefore for lose two pounds weekly will be necessary calorie restriction of 1000 calories per day. The truth is that it is an aspect that will always vary according to the conditions of each person, it is advisable to never make dietary guidelines that stand out for being less than 1,200 calories a day. Also remember the importance of calorie quality, not so much in quantity. Faster than you think not only will you be enjoying your ideal weight, your health, energy levels, mood and performance will be better than ever.


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