How many children does Ana Barbara have?

How many children does Ana Barbara have?

Ana Bárbara is a talented artist who enjoys her work, but without a doubt the most important role she plays is that of being a mother, since she has five children to whom she has given all her time and love.

The singer is the mother of five heirs: three of them (Emiliano, José María and Gerónimo) are biological and she also has two “from the heart” as she herself calls them, and they are María Paula and Emilio. About the latter there is a particularity since she took them as her own after the death of her mother, actress Mariana Levy.

After the sudden death of Talina Fernández’s daughter, Ana became a couple with her widower José María Fernández (better known as “El Pirru”) and it was there that she decided to enlarge the family with Mariana’s children, whom she adores.

Despite the fact that Altagracia Ugalde Mota (the real name of Reina Grupera) is no longer in a relationship with Levy’s ex, she continues to have a close relationship with today’s young people and in fact last Christmas they all spent together, showing the great love they have.

At that time Ana told her followers that “The hardest thing that can happen to a mother is to cook for a chef son, because he is going to judge”, referring to Emilio Fernández and making it clear what they call each other.

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