How many surgeries has Kate del Castillo had?

How many surgeries has Kate del Castillo had?

Kate del Castillo maintains a relatively natural appearance despite the passing of the years, but the truth is that the Mexican has also resorted to cosmetic surgery, as is the case with many of her colleagues, due to the demands of the competitive industry where she works.

The face is the main space on which the protagonist of La Reina del Sur made changes and according to the En Pareja media, a bichectomy was performed (removal of fat bags that are under the cheekbones) to eliminate the round shape of your face and make it more oval.

On the other hand, Kate had surgery on her nose and bust, although not to increase her size, but to lift them a little. To her previous ones, the botox that she placed is added, although for this she was highly criticized since the press saw her with a noticeable swelling, but that later disappeared.

Despite the artificial touch-ups, it is true that Del Castillo performs daily physical exercises that give him a fibrous body as a result and also eats healthily, although without giving up his tastes, such as the delicious Mexican food he gets in the United States. United States, where he has lived for several years.

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